Eric Othenin-Girard
Specialised journalist

Born in one of the original birthplaces of international watchmaking, the Neuchâtel mountains, Othenin-Girard and his vision are intimately rooted in the Swiss collective unconscious. Having first served as reporter-at-large in Southeast Asia, Vietnam and the Middle East, he went on to become editor-in-chief for French-speaking news programmes on Swiss radio. His first foray into Baselworld dates from 1971 and he hasn't missed a fair since! A true professional, adept at the challenges of live appearances, Othenin-Girard has a talent for making even the toughest issues lively and accessible. Having defined the editorial lines of several leading watchmaking magazines, including Movment, or The Watches Magazine, the highly reputed journalist went on to found the Swiss federal diploma for watch sales, as well as the "Watch Sales Academy". He now travels the world training others in these skills, contributing, through the dispatch of pertinent fact-finding missions, to the international reach and renown of Watchonista.