Calabrese Stone

Precious stones and watches by Vincent Calabrese

The man is amazing. Nearly 40 years after he created sapphire watches, the watchmaker still holds the element of surprise. We reviewed Stone, one of his recent creations.

By Eric Othenin-Girard
Specialised journalist

Co-founder of the famous AHCI (l'Académie horlogère de Créateurs Indépendants), Calabrese is a special star in the Swiss watchmaking universe. He is, of course, behind the world's most amazing hive of skilled watchmakers – as proof we see the famous brands that have sponsorized it or have become members. But on top of that – we shouldn't forget – the creativity of this altruistic corporatist is perennial and we haven't seen the last of his innovations and world premieres.

Vincent Calabrese Stone Vincent Calabrese Stone

Time does not seem to stop this atypical creator whose life and works have inspired solutions that have both improved time measurement and provided a more playful approach to it. Indeed, the great watchmaker has once again launched a watch that I would describe as completely mind-blowing, for it proposes something different to watchmaking arts in terms of its technique, creativity, design and preciousness. Let's see for ourselves.

Vincent Calabrese Stone Vincent Calabrese Stone

Magic appearances: customized options any time

The 42-mm Stone by Vincent Calabrese features a jumping dial. In other words, the stone (rather than an affixed numeral) appears on the main dial every hour. The timepiece features two overlapping dials with one using hands to indicate time and the other one features twelve stones that appear on the main dial at the strike of each hour. For example, there is a diamond at 1 o'clock, a lapis Lazuli at 2 o'clock, a ruby at 3 o'clock, an emerald at 4 o'clock, and so on. The watch is also customizable – when placing the order, customers can choose which precious stones they want on their piece and the order in which they wish them to appear.

Vincent Calabrese Stone Vincent Calabrese Stone

Not only that, but they can also choose the piece’s functioning; i.e. quartz, self-winding mechanical or hand-wound mechanical movements. Therefore, the watch will either have a frequency of 3 hertz or 18,000 vibrations per hour; that is the 32,768 hertz, as all quartz watches. The power reserve will range from the minimum 36 hours to up to several years in the quartz version.

Vincent Calabrese Stone Vincent Calabrese Stone

One last detail: customers also get to choose the case's material.

Only unique pieces

Customers can choose for the twelve stones to be either identical or different. In any case, synthetic stones will not be used on any Stone timepieces. It is hence clear that this unique watch will only be crafted on command.

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