About Us

Who We Are

Launched in Switzerland at a time long before the traditional watch industry fully embraced digital communications, Watchonista was founded in 2009 as a progressive digital platform by and for watch collectors and connoisseurs. Visitors to our website and social media channels interact with immersive content produced by our dynamic team of writers, editors, and content creators.

Today, Watchonista has expanded across the United States and other global markets.


Watchonista.com, is a global online magazine dedicated to covering the watch industry, watch collecting, and luxury lifestyle. Every day, we deliver watch-centric content that balances the unbridled passion of watch collectors with a fact-filled journalistic approach.

Thanks to our global team of expert writers, photographers, and creatives, we produce original, informative, and visually striking content that entertains our readers.

Watchonista Magazine

In August 2021, Watchonista officially entered the world of print with the launch of Watchonista: Volume 01 “The Watch Magazine You Can’t Buy.” More than just another watch magazine, our highly exclusive, biannual magazine is also a collector’s item that is not available for purchase or subscription.

With everything from watches to cigars to industry trends and predictions, the only way you can get your hands on the 120-plus pages of Watchonista: Volume 01 (and all future editions) is via the “Find The Magazine” button on Watchonista’s homepage. There, readers can locate the nearest retailer or brand boutique carrying the magazine.

Today, we are proud to announce that Watchonista’s latest “love letter” to all things watches, Watchonista: Volume 05, is now available.

For more information on Watchonista: Volume 05, please direct your inquiries to: magazine@watchonista.com.

Editorial Approach

Our robust editorial team strives to deliver both qualitative and original content to our readers daily. And with an editorial team comprised of distinguished editors and contributors from around the globe, our editorial approach is one of excellence mixed with a playful tone you’ll find only on Watchonista. Furthermore, paid content will always be marked as such.

We’re always looking for a good story, so feel free to send your tips and suggestions to: contact@watchonista.com

Watchonista Creative Studios

Several years ago, we also started a global digital communications agency, Watchonista Creative Studios, in order to provide high-quality content to and support the digital and social media strategies of brands and retailers.

Spanning two continents, our dynamic communications and production team delivers the very best solutions for photographic and video content, social media management, white label assets, and more.

For a more in-depth discussion about how Watchonista Creative Studios can help expand the reach of your business, please email: sales@watchonista.com


Watchonista.com also offers exclusive advertising and promotional campaigns to our brand partners and select retailers.

For a detailed advertising quote, please email: sales@watchonista.com

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)