About Us

Who We Are

Watchonista is a global online magazine dedicated to covering the watch industry, watch collecting, and luxury lifestyle. Every day, visitors to our website and social media channels interact with immersive content produced by our dynamic team of writers, editors, and content producers.

Watch Lovers, Content Creators, And Communicators

Watchonista was founded in 2009 and is driven by Marco Gabella as a progressive digital platform, by and for, watch collectors and connoisseurs. Launched in Switzerland at a time long before the traditional watch industry fully embraced digital communications, Watchonista has since gone on to expand in the United States and other global markets.


Today, our online magazine Watchonista.com is a global multi-media hub and a comprehensive database of some of the world’s most fascinating watch brands and products. Every day, we deliver watch-centric content that balances the unbridled passion of watch collectors with a fact-filled journalistic approach. Thanks to our global team of expert writers, photographers, and creatives, we produce original, informative, and visually striking content that entertains the thousands of readers who visit our website daily.

Shared Passions

The team at Watchonista is united behind a common theme: passion. Our passion for good food, delicious wine, fine automobiles, and the allure of travel, all while remaining stylish, yet down to earth. Our passions drive us every day.

From participating in the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to sampling some of the finest Bordeaux and tying it all together with fine watchmaking and great design, is what makes Watchonista unique. If you’re reading this, chances are we share similar passions. At the end of the day, that’s what makes a Watchonista. We invite you to share your passions with us!

Editorial Approach

Our robust editorial team, led by Josh Shanks, strives to deliver daily content to our readers that is both qualitative and original. Watchonista’s editorial team is comprised of renowned editors and contributors from around the globe. Our editorial approach is one of quality and differentiation mixed with a playful tone you’ll find only on Watchonista. Furthermore, paid content will always be clearly marked as such.

We’re always looking for a good story, so feel free to send your tips and suggestions to: contact@watchonista.com

Watchonista Creative Studios / Advertising

In 2013, we started a global digital communications agency, Watchonista Creative Studios, to support the digital strategies of brands and retailers. Our renowned team of experts delivers the very best solutions for content creation, social media strategy, digital promotions, and more. Watchonista also offers exclusive advertising and promotional campaigns to our brand partners and select retailers. For a detailed advertising or agency quote, please email, sales@watchonista.com

Image Licensing and Reuse of Content

The re-use of Watchonista content and imagery requires express written permission from our official partner, Wright’s Media. Contact them for available usages, license fees, and award seal artwork at watchonista@wrightsmedia.com. Please note that Wright’s Media is the only authorized company for rights to Watchonista brand materials.