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100% in-house and Swiss Made you say? That’s Swatch!

Swatch chose to introduce its new 2015 fall-winter collection in Gstaad near the Alps. And why the Alps? Well, for the first time, the brand has decided to put forward Swiss values.

By Eric Othenin-Girard
Specialised journalist

Thirty two years ago, when Swatch watches were introduced on the market, Nicolas Hayek told me the brand would always mix creativity, design, imagination and technical performance. And indeed, the brand has since delivered technical performance, which culminated in the creation of the exceptional System 51. This proved the Swatch Group to be masters in the field of technical developments.

Creativity rules

And while the Bienne-based brand puts a lot of emphasis on its technical aspect, it has never neglected creativity in the three 280-timepiece collections it introduces every year. That, in turn, means the brand’s designers have created no less than 28,800 models as well as some special series over the course of the thirty-two years.

And what’s more interesting, Swatch has never hesitated to entrust design to artists, designers or personalities from the plastic arts. It is undoubtedly this philosophy that has brought the brand its incredible success.

Swatch Gruezi Swatch Gruezi All! Gornergrat, Die Glocke and Schoggi

Swatch watches are indeed Swiss Made, but they have never followed “local rules”. Even though the brand is very much attached to its roots, it has always wanted to affirm its international status through the wide range of watches it produces. In fact, over one thousand of these are exhibited on the second floor of the “Cité du Temps” in Geneva and offer a trip through the brand’s history.

Declaring its “Swissness”

Swatch’s 2015 fall-winter collection goes completely off the beaten track as it comprises a few models that pay tribute to Swiss values. As expected, there is a red piece with a skeletonized white federal cross in the middle of the dial, which gives a view of the movement. But that’s not all. The brand’s designers also wanted to highlight Swiss gastronomy.

Hence, of course, chocolate has been featured but there is also the “half-half fondue”, always with a touch of humour.

Everyone has heard of Swiss folkloric music, the shepherds in the high mountains, the horns of the Alps and, of course, the outfits that these tough men wear for big occasions such as the “Désalpe” in which cows make their way down to the valley sporting the most beautiful bells and flowers on their foreheads. So, anyway, enthusiasts will find Swatch models sporting the typical rustic decorations of the “Désalpe” that are usually only to be found in deep alpine valleys.

Swatch Gruezi Swatch Gruezi All! Swiss around the watch, Muuu and Moitié Moitié

Switzerland and the Alps inevitably evoke winter and skiing and the new Swatch collection did not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to this connection. Hence, we find a few models with straps and dials that refer to the famous wool caps previous skiing champions wore before downhill or slalom skiing. I bet these few examples will have already piqued your curiosity, won’t they?

As pointed out previously, the collection does not lack a touch of humour, as they themselves say: “Swatch went to study abroad. Way too cool for school, the brand did not need to attend class to specialize in art, culture, fashion or entertainment.

This fall-winter collection beats to the strong and exotic rhythm of the street and each model is driven by its own movement”. The collection is indeed an amazing finding and, given its price, it would be a shame to not buy at least one piece!

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