Luminox - watches & reviews

Luminox, the original self-powered luminous watch brand, is the watch of choice for global outdoor adventure icon Bear Grylls, U.S. Navy SEALs, The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR), Lockheed Martin’s F-117 Nighthawk™ stealth and other jet fighter pilots, elite forces worldwide and professional divers. The Luminox Light Technology (LLT) illumination system i.e., the tiny glass tubes that illuminate the dial and hands, ensure at-a-glance visibility of the time – in fact, they provide a constant glow 24/7, for up to 25 years under any light conditions, with visibility depending on the individual’s eye vision and the color of the tubes. This is why we are calling this terrific feature “Always Visible – Glowing for up to 25 years”. Always Visible, tough, powerful and accurate, Swiss-Made Luminox is the ultimate night vision gear for rugged outdoorsmen and other peak performers.