For Everyday Heroes: Luminox’s New Pacific Diver 3120

For Everyday Heroes: Luminox’s New Pacific Diver 3120

Debuting today, this limited edition timepiece potently expands the concept of “Thank You For Your Service.”

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

Watchmaker Luminox has arguably one of the watch world’s most deeply rooted affinities with current and veteran military service members, first responders, and expert emergency workers. And by providing tough and reliable timepieces that serve as essential gear for these people, Luminox watches also honor their dedication to selflessly helping others.

Thus, it did not surprise us that the brand’s new and special “Thank You For Your Service” Pacific Diver 3120 timepiece continued that tradition of recognizing military and emergency service professionals.

However, what is surprising is that, at a price of only $745, this new watch offers appreciative gifters the opportunity to elevate their “thank you” and take a moment to recognize the kinds of everyday heroes that play such a critical part in our lives, and our communities: educators, medical professionals, dedicated volunteers, philanthropists, and so on.

Who are the people you know who are heroically giving their time and energy for the betterment of a community and may be going unacknowledged?

Purple Hearts

Traditionally, the U.S. military has used purple to recognize personal sacrifice. So, aptly, this new Pacific Diver is awash in that meaningful hue, with a purple “Thank You For Your Service” message riding along the outer edge of the dial from 1 to 4 o’clock and a bold, 24mm, cut-to-fit, embossed purple rubber strap, so that reminder of thanks is front-and-center.

Moreover, the piece’s 44mm 316L black steel case and crown, plus its robust yet lightweight CARBONOX™ rotating bezel, deliver a technical, high-grade professional color contrast to the purple. Meanwhile, a reliable Swiss Ronda 515 quartz movement with a 50-month battery life powers the watch, and an additional cut-to-fit black rubber strap comes inside the durable presentation box for those who want a more subdued look.

However, while the primary intent of this Pacific Diver 3120 is about everyday hero gifting and recognition, it is both a fully capable dive watch (rated to 200 meters of water resistance with a unidirectional dive bezel illuminated at 12 o’clock) as well as a full-on Luminox self-powered luminous watch, delivering uninterrupted hand and index illumination for up to 25 years in any lighting conditions.

So with that in mind, ahead of today’s debut, Luminox and Watchonista teamed up to acknowledge some more-than-worthy gifting candidates for the watch to demonstrate the impact this kind of recognition can have for those who put service to others ahead of themselves.

Everyday Hero: Cathy Daniels, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Watchonista’s Editor-at-Large Rhonda Riche was on hand to recognize Cathy Daniels at her home in Toronto. Here is Cathy’s story:

As was made beyond obvious during the pandemic, nurses are, by every definition, heroes.

We all witnessed nurses serving selflessly and bravely on the frontline, caring not just for those suffering from the virus but for people, like laboring mothers or people battling cancer, who could not avoid a hospital stay during such dangerous times. More than just helping to treat and alleviate the pain of the infected, nurses often took on the emotional burden of serving as surrogate family and friends when the patient’s loved ones were not allowed to have in-person visitors.

“It’s nice to see nurse practitioners being recognized,” said Cathy Daniels of the honor. “If I was to inspire anybody, I would hope that everyone finds joy in what they do for a living.” Cathy began her career in nursing 28 years ago as a registered nurse, later becoming a nurse practitioner.

Cathy now serves as an NP Professional Practice Lead and is truly the epitome of the heroism of her profession. In addition to her work at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, she teaches the next generation of nurse practitioners at the University of Toronto.

When Cathy sees someone in need, she does not run away; she runs to help. Even before the pandemic and outside of her work, Cathy exemplifies heroism: Once, while on vacation, she and her family were only a few cars away from a horrific car accident, and before anyone else had time to react, Cathy ran to the scene and administered first aid to the victim before first responders arrived.

Helping others defines Cathy, and Luminox is proud to honor her.

Everyday Heroes: Veterans Swimming for Veterans

During a recent event held by the Navy SEAL Foundation (which supports the families of fallen SEALS with housing and education assistance, much-needed mental and physical wellness services, and more), participants from our first responder and military community got together to brave the waters of the Hudson River and New York Harbor to support the Navy SEAL Foundation and its programs. The multi-sport event brought together SEALs, veterans, police officers, firefighters, and first responders from all over the United States.

Amazingly, event participants swam from Liberty State Park in New Jersey to the Statue of Liberty, then to Ellis Island, then to Battery Park in lower Manhattan. And as if that wasn’t enough, they exited the water only to sprint to the 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center, where they did 100 push-ups and 22 pull-ups at each stop, to boot, all in patriotic honor of freedom and civil liberties.

Luckily, as one of the sponsors of the event, Luminox asked Francina Hahn to join the festivities at the World Trade Center to honor four deserving heroes participating in the event.

Here are their stories:

Flames of Dedication

As the saying goes: Save one life, you’re a hero. Save a hundred lives, you’re a firefighter.

Chicago firefighter Alex Griff is a true example of a hero among us. Alex was introduced to the life of a fireman by his uncle Jim who invited the young Alex for visits at his firehouse and exposed him to the bonds of friendship firefighters enjoy. After nearly 20 years of service, he felt called to even more service after the tragic events of 9/11.

At 38, he is now a Lieutenant and training officer with the Hazel Crest Fire Department in Illinois and a strong supporter of the Navy SEAL Foundation.

SWAT Swimmer

Police SWAT Officer Ken Murphy is the living definition of service to his country.

Born in Denver, he enlisted in the armed services in 2009, joining the United States Air Force. With a family heritage of military service, Ken completed two tours in the Middle East with the USAF’s Quick Reaction Force and Force Protection Patrols.

After four years, he returned to live in South Florida, advancing to the rank of Sergeant after graduating from the police academy, and he is currently the Assistant Team Leader on his city’s SWAT unit and Training Unit Sergeant for the whole department.

Hard Corps

A father of two living in Wilmington, Virginia, Retired U.S. Marine Raider Marc Arrington credits his life’s success to his service in The Corps.

Marc, too, enlisted after 9/11 and selflessly served in the Marines Operations Command as a 0372/Raider, but after 18 years of service, he retired with the rank of Military Sergeant. Marc also strongly believes his tenure in the armed forces provided him with skills he applies to his daily civilian life as a bank loan officer, instilling in him the ability to lead, to take accountability, and how to build a united team.

He is also no stranger to Luminox watches, as he received his first from his father as a teenager (and still has to this day) and currently wears one given to him by his wife. Luminox is honored to add to his collection with the “Thank You for Your Service” Pacific Diver 3120 timepiece.

SEAL of Approval

A talented soccer player, Retired Navy SEAL Ian Schinelli grew up in a military family, moving around the country with his father (who served in the USAF), and attended the University in Nashville on an athletic scholarship.

After deciding to follow family tradition by enlisting in the U.S. Navy with the help of a Navy SEAL recruiter, Ian was drawn to joining this elite team because of his passion for physical fitness and appreciation for a good challenge. Still, he continued his athletic pursuits while in the service by joining the Military Olympic Soccer Team and Military World Cup Team.

After completing three tours with the SEALs, Ian returned to civilian life in Nashville, where he continues to support the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Who Are Your Everyday Heroes?

Luminox has created a special landing page and invites people to nominate their own watch-gifting candidates. Specifically, the brand wants nominees who selflessly go above and beyond and inspire the people around them to take action, to make the their communities safer, and to make the world better.

You can learn more about Luminox’s new “Thank You For Your Service” Pacific Diver 3120, limited to 1,000 editions, by visiting Luminox’s website.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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