Kerbedanz - watches & reviews

A name that signifies leader and precursor is worthy of unique personalities. A watch worthy of unique personalities needs to have sublime qualities. This is how Kerbedanz was created as a perfect marriage of watch-making excellence, a unique philosophical concept and a highly creative visual design.

The name KERBEDANZ derives from the patronymic of the Brand’s founding President Tigran Kerbedanz.

Paying a tribute to his ancestor, he gives to his company the name KERBEDANZ which means “the heirs of Karabed” (Karabed meaning Precursor/Leader), both qualifiers being perfectly adapted to KERBEDANZ which is a precursor with its concept of specific products’ value. By the way, Kerbedanz appears as a Leader regarding its very unique watch models - or very limited series - dedicated to a very exclusive clientele well known in their activities.