Kerbedanz and Women: Haute Horology, Poetry And Symbolism

Kerbedanz is well-known for its rare, outrageous, highly symbolical timekeepers. Its confidential production aims as much towards men as women. For all its models, the brand knows how to let her initial jeweler know-how flow freely.

By Benjamin Teisseire

Kerbedanz holds a particular place in the world of Haute Horology. No less than 35 people work on this ultra-limited production. Everything is made internally: from watchmaking components to the collections' designs, the engravings, the enameling, the decorations, the stone setting. All this creative universe is concentrated in Kerbedanz' ateliers. Each piece highlights the excellence of the work achieved in a constant quest to “give sense to beauty” a true motto of the brand. The ubiquitous symbolism contributes immensely to this search.

Beauty and Symbolism

The two feminine models, Esperanza and Black Tree of Life, are a magnificent illustration of Kerbedanz’s philosophy. First of all, the names speak for themselves. Esperanza, means “Hope” in Spanish. The hope for a better world, the faith in the possibility of a better future for humanity. Mankind who relentlessly pushes itself to go forward. The Tree of Life, is a universal symbol found in all spiritual traditions around the world, no matter the continent. Its interpretations are multiple: the link between the Heavens and the Earth, between the spiritual and physical world; a symbol of Life and immortality with the perpetual renewal of the vegetative cycle.

Then comes the choices of colors and stones. Hope is associated with the color green and is often represented by light. Hence the choice of emeralds and diamonds for the case, the dial and the lugs. The meticulous setting is fascinating! No less than 444 diamonds (5,82ct) and 45 emeralds (0,56ct) adorn the case, to which 244 diamonds (2,58ct) and 12 emeralds (0,29ct) are added to the dial! The timepiece twinkles from all sides, bringing a light of Hope to its bearer and the people around her. The same details are found in the case and lugs of the Black Tree of Life set with 540 gorgeous black diamonds (8.2ct).

Black confers an unequaled depth to the timekeeper which highlights the beauty of the dial. The translucent Grand Feu enamel - made in-house - offer a wide array of violet, mauve, blue and grey-green. They accentuate the presence of the micro-sculpture of the Tree engraved in the solid Rose gold dial. It enables the eight diamonds (0.95ct) set on its branches to shine with all their radiance. The artistic craftsmanship is indeed honored at Kerbedanz.

Feminine Haute horology

These feminine high jewelry pieces, where each detail is a source of dream and poetry, remain nonetheless real high horology timepieces. At their heart beats the KRB-03 caliber at a rate of 28’800 vibrations per hour. It delivers 120 hours of power reserve thanks to its double barrels, which offers a real comfort of use. The sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment enables to admire the movement which bears the expected high horology finishings: circular graining, hand chamfering, mirror polishing. The skeletonized rotor with the etched Kerbedanz logo brings the final touch which makes these two significant pieces genuinely exceptional timekeepers.

The Esperanza and the Black Tree of Life boast a unique volume and depth. They are limited respectively to 14 and 41 pieces. They come with their own Book of Symbols (like all Kerbedanz creations) to help grasp the complexity of the representations they embody. They exemplify perfectly the differentiation - symbolical and technical - that Kerbedanz incarnates in the watchmaking world. Another quality that will “give sense to beauty.”

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