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Extreme alchemists, HYT’s Hydro-Mechanical Watchmakers have turned utopia into reality – mixing mechanics and liquid within a wristwatch. While truly addicted to non-conformism, they have drawn upon the strictest codes in Fine Watchmaking – and felt entirely free to shatter them!

By achieving the incredible challenge of indicating the time with water, they have not so much propelled a new UFO into the watchmaking stratosphere, as they have in fact pulverized all certainties by uniting two worlds that are supposedly diametrically opposed. Never since the water clocks of the pharaohs, have the laws of gravity been overcome to transpose this energy in a portable watch. HYT has done it.

The leitmotif? Fluid mechanics, or the ultimate in hybrid technology. The formula? Avant-garde watchmaking developments, engineering pushed to its heights, high-tech materials, and a design that generates genuine emotions.

HYT’s first performance? The H1. A piece of Fine Watchmaking that singlehandedly epitomises the brand’s identity: an obsession with innovation, uncompromising execution and an intransigent approach to quality. The product is quite clearly the consistent core concern for HYT. A “time object” that provides intuitive readings, well off the beaten track. High-flying mechanics that bear testimony to a completely new approach. Bold architecture, leaving nothing to chance. Each element is wisely thoughtthrough, and patiently built. Inspired and rebellious, the design imposes its codes, emphasising the exceptional temperament and creativity of the overall result.

An authentic innovation incubator, HYT’s hydro-mechanical engineering lab of genius continues its quest for the absolute in the realm of hybrid development. The H1 takes it resolutely into the legend of Fine Watchmaking 2.0.