Watchicity Status Report: Users Speak!

Watchicity Status Report: Users Speak!

Since its introduction a mere four months ago, Watchicity, powered by Watchonista, has become the de facto watch news/content aggregator, bar none. Do you have access yet?

By Watchonista

The powerful Watchicity service – available online and via downloadable apps for the Google Play and Apple App stores – has been providing ever more watch-related news and content in real-time to the delight of its readers, followers, and users.

Launched just as the popular Watchville news feed service was retired, Watchicity has been providing timepiece afficionados with unfiltered, open-access content for about four months. And in that time, it has arguably become the go-to resource for watch fans.

Anonymous Collector (as heard at a recent Red Bar meet-up):

“What was great about Watchicity was that it launched just as Watchville was going away. I really didn’t have a good solution in mind for getting ongoing watch news, and I was a little worried about it. But Watchicity was right there at the right time.

“I downloaded the app as soon as it became available, and my up-to-the-minute watch news access was essentially seamless and a little better, frankly, when Watchville went away.”

Anonymous Collector (as received in an unsolicited e-mail):

“What I am really enjoying on your service is the more-inclusive nature of it all. It has 20 [ed. note: the number is now 24] news sources, including some I hadn’t encountered before.

“And the video feeds! What a terrific addition.

“I was a big user of Watchville, but I am now getting more out of Watchicity and spending way more time with the app. Great job!”

More, More, More

This surge of user adoption has recently led to 10% growth in users who downloaded the Watchicity apps, creating an app-user population of well over 5,000. Moreover, daily usage of the website has seen roughly equivalent growth in the recent term.

Of course, ongoing plans call for even more added news, video and content sources with no limit is sight for the feed ramp-up.

If you haven’t experienced Watchicity yet, we encourage you to give it a whirl now!

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