Watchicity Continues to Grow (with More to Come!)

Watchicity Continues to Grow (with More to Come!)

After quickly filling the void of an inclusive watch-industry news feed and becoming the de facto source for aggregated, ongoing news and timepiece-related content, Watchicity, powered by Watchonista, reports a bevy of milestones: New feeds, more video content, increased usage, and more.

By Watchonista

Available via and downloadable to mobile devices in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Watchicity, developed by Watchonista, has taken the lead in breaking timepiece news and related content after the recent shuttering of the Watchville news feed service.

More Content

As of this reporting, Watchicity now features no fewer than 23 news feeds from some of the most respected timepiece sources publishing today. Of course, the expected watch blog and content publishers are well-represented.

However, some out-of-the-box news sources, like routine information from the esteemed Horological Society of New York, are now included as well. This breadth of content communicates the open, unbiased, and multi-faceted approach Watchicity is committed to maintaining.

In addition, the video feeds supported by both the Google and Apple apps now number eight in total. Some reflect the video coverage portion of news sources already included in the voluminous news feed, but some are one-off video outliers. For example, video content from noted YouTuber and watch collector Teddy Baldassarre is routinely available via Watchicity.

More Use & Visibility

As we continue to add industry-appropriate news, video, and content sources to Watchicity, in terms of user adoption, we anticipate the number of daily visitors to Watchicity's website and apps to reach 4,000 shortly. Plus, the number of users on our app is nearing the five-digit mark.

These statistical trends indicate Watchicity is poised to perform at least on par with the departed Watchville service. However, Watchicity has ongoing plans to improve and expand its offering beyond the established performance bars.

Look & Feel

Despite plans to elevate the news feed model as we grow, including plans for additional capabilities and even easier navigation and setting modes, Watchicity hasn’t reinvented the wheel.

For the watch community, the website and app will always feel like familiar territory: A constantly updating stack of breaking watch news with compelling imagery, a running Top Ten list (via the website), and exclusive video content feeds (via the app). You’ll feel right at home.

But Watchicity is not only for enthusiasts. Watch media and content contributors will also feel right at home, with an easy-to-use RSS-based posting method and plans to share additional content (think podcasts) to show your stuff to eager, engaged users hungry for the latest and greatest in the watch world.

If you haven’t experienced Watchicity yet, we encourage you to take a look.

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