A New Year, A New Watchicity!

A New Year, A New Watchicity!

Welcome to 2024! With the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get to the point: We’ve updated Watchicity! And while several exciting new features await you, there is one word you need to know now: Podcasts!

By Watchonista

Since Watchonista launched the Watchicity website and apps back in October 2022, the service – which aggregates industry news, commentary, and content as it happens from the top timepiece news sources and content providers – has grown into one of the watch world’s most preferred, unbiased, news resources. But we haven’t been resting on our laurels.

Premium Podcasts

With about 25 of the most respected news outlets currently participating and nearly 10 YouTube channels already in the mix, we are proud to announce that the latest version of the app (Watchicity 2.0.0) now includes access to a dozen or so of the top watch-related podcasts!

From the expected, like Fratello and Hodinkee, to the unexpected, like Two Broke Watch Snobs and Beyond the Dial, Watchicity has got you covered.

Available via both the Apple App Store and Google Play, the addition of the podcasts adds literally hundreds of more hours of new timepiece content for our readers and users to enjoy. Easy to access, you can find the podcasts section via the "podcasts icon" along the bottom menu bar of the app.

But as they say in the advertising world, “That’s not all!”

Keep it Personal

Another new feature we introduced with Watchicity 2.0.0 is personalization. Now, you can tailor your Watchicity experience by creating your own personal, password-protected account.

Why bother with creating an account? First, the process only takes about 15 seconds and only requires a valid email to register to activate because Watchicity always has been and always will be a totally free service for the watch community.

Second, and more importantly, account holders can save their favorite articles, videos, and podcasts so they won’t have to search endlessly through the different news feeds to find the article they wanted to finish reading or to share that interesting YouTube review they saw a few months ago.

You can create your password-protected account via the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app.

Right on Time

Watchicity 2.0.0’s new precision clock feature not only serves as a handsome, straight-forward time-telling device for your handheld, but it is a far better source for telling the authenticated, precise time than the front of your microwave for when your mechanical timepiece runs out of juice and needs a reset.

You can access this new feature for 2024 via the watch icon on the menu bar.

An Insider Watchicity Trick for 2024

Finally, veteran users of the Watchicity app have most likely come across the Dark Mode option found in the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app. And while not a new feature, some casual research seems to indicate that many, many Watchicity users prefer the dark black background that Dark Mode activates to interact with the breaking news and timepiece content we offer. Give it a try!

To explore these new features and get in on a world of unfettered, as-it-happens watch news and commentary, download the Watchicity app from the website.

And receive each week a custom selection of articles.

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