Adopt-A-Reef: Introducing The Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral

Adopt-A-Coral: Introducing The Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral

In partnership with Coral Guardian, Milus has issued a limited edition Archimèdes and gives you a golden opportunity to contribute to a good cause and acquire an awesome dive watch.

By Marco Gabella
Chairman & Executive Publisher

Supporting a good cause is always a virtuous act. But being able to contribute to Earth’s preservation by acquiring a cool and efficient tool-watch is a proposition that my collector’s heart can’t pass up.

Nowadays, there is no doubt sustainability is an issue everyone should be working towards through daily action. You never know how the smallest shift in the direction of better sustainability could help the ecological cause. After all, even the mightiest rivers are made of little streams.

As such, Milus recently introduced the Archimèdes Orange Coral and announced a long-term partnership with Coral Guardian – an international marine conservation organization dedicated to protecting coral ecosystems. So we here at Watchonista decided it was important to cover this initiative and the fruits of Milus’ new partnership.

Yet, despite its importance, I certainly wasn’t expecting to order one of the 50 specimens of the Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral for myself when I decided to do this review. As I did when my friend Eric Giroud and I discovered the Milus Snow Star at Baselworld 2019, I was so completely seduced by the quality and simplicity of the Archimèdes Orange Coral that I once again immediately ordered one.

Coral Guardian x Milus

Since its founding in 2012 by co-founder and marine biologist Martin Colognoli, the Indonesia-based Coral Guardian worked with a team of experts to find the best method for introducing relocated coral and other marine wildlife. And after years of research and development, the team finally found an efficient technique via the attachment of coral to stainless steel wires within larger, easy-to-make metallic frames.

Then, to help the organization make use of this important technique, Coral Guardian developed a program called “Adopt a Coral,” whereby donors physically adopt and name a section of coral used to restore the damaged reefs around Hatamin island. Donors even receive a certificate of adoption with a picture and all information about the location. Thus far, Coral Guardian has transplanted 40,000 corals as a result of the “Adopt a Coral” initiative.

With the release of the 50 limited edition pieces of the Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral, the brand will contribute a portion of the sales to Coral Guardian by adopting a coral in the name of each clientIt didn’t take me long to pick the name of my adopted coral. I am happy to introduce you to “Watchonista,” which was transplanted onto a reef in the Flores Sea near Hatamin island on August 2nd, 2021.

A Tool Watch First: The History of the Milus Archimèdes

While it is true that by purchasing a Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral, you will definitely have a personal impact on coral preservation, you will primarily own one of the most legendary tool watches on the market in a cool contemporary execution.

Introduced by Milus in 1960, the Archimèdes 666 used a patented case design developed by case manufacturer Ervin Piquerez (EPSA) in 1956. The innovative “super compressor” case included a revolutionary spring-loaded caseback that pressed against the rear gasket as water pressure increase and an inner bi-directional timing bezel activated by a dedicated screw-down crown. At the time of the Archimèdes 666’s introduction, only a few watch brands decided to use this innovative case, so now, “super compressor” cases are considered collectibles and appreciated for their continued relevance as a technical approach.

But it wasn’t until the 1970s, with the release of the Archimèdes Super Compressor, that the brand introduced the Archimèdes models with the most similarities to today’s collection.

The Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral

As a direct descendent of the ‘70s era Archimèdes Super Compressor, the Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral is, more than anything, an extremely functional diving watch that is water-resistant to 300m/30 ATM.

Once you take it in hand, you’re immediately attracted by the lacquer orange dial. And like the marine invertebrates, coral as a color can be intense with a kind of “light deepness” that is completely non-aggressive. Moreover, the brushed “gunmetal” black inner bezel sustains the shine of the dial to the edge of the face and perfectly contrasts with the mirror-finished outer bezel and brushed 316L stainless steel case. Plus, on the side of the case, at 9’oclock is a discretely integrated helium valve.

From the famous “Broad Arrow” and lollipop-style hands to the highly legible baton indices, the Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral takes a lot of inspiration from the original models but still manages a definitively contemporary look.

The watch comes with two different straps, both befitting this tool-watch. First, there is an impressive Milanese mesh bracelet that perfectly complements the 41mm case. Easy to adjust and exceptionally comfortable, this Milanese strap is also extremely thin, keeping the vintage spirit alive without being too heavy on the wrist. Second, the watch additionally comes with is a rubber “tropic” strap that is also well-executed. The rubber is soft and curved to perfection.

Finally, equipped with the robust and reliable automatic ETA 2892A2 (TOP) calibre, The Milus Archimèdes Orange Coral is available for $2,314.

If you miss out on your chance to get the watch, you can always “Adopt a Coral” with Coral Guardian for you or as a gift. It’s never too late to act.    

For more information about the Archimèdes Orange Coral, visit the Milus website.

For more information about the “Adopt a Coral” program, visit the Coral Guardian website.

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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