Milus - watches & reviews

History and legend are for Milus today territories of inspiration and not the shackles of a prestigious past. Especially since the legend is filled with immutable values. "Inventing, and reinventing again" professes the new team led since 2016 by Luc Tissot, great captain of watchmaking and the MedTech industry. Among these values are fairness, authenticity, purity of design, aesthetic durability, respect for fundamentals, and ambitious innovation. “The brand places its heart and soul in creating watches that combine technical excellence and precision with timeless design” confesses Luc Tissot.

The century-old brand claims a philosophy of marketing development based on proximity and ethics, in a spirit of affordability and awareness of the revolutions underway. Milus is anchored in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking cradle, in the very place where it took roots in 1919. Reinvigorated, it shines humbly as never before, between classicism and contemporaneity, luxury and purity, audacity of materials and limitless ingeniousness.