Introducing Parchie Pal: A Fun Watches For The Wee Ones

Introducing Parchie Pal: A Fun $50 Watch Brand For The Wee Ones

Cara Barrett, a former editor at HODINKEE, has just launched a collection of timepieces for kids of all ages (and I kinda want one for myself).

By Rhonda Riche

Anyone who follows Cara Barrett on Instagram knows that the former HODINKEE Editor and Manager of Special Projects has been teasing a new horological passion project called Parchie for a few months now. Well, drop day has finally arrived!

Parchie is a collection of children’s watches promoting fun, friendship, and kindness. The line is named after Barrett’s, the brand’s founder and creative director, imaginary childhood pal. However, the 2021 version of Parchie is real, albeit in watch form.

Barrett loves watches. After almost a decade of working in the watch biz, her enthusiasm for timepieces (no matter the price tag) always shone through her writing. We admire her taste but we also like how she has translated her horological joy into making wearing watches fun for a whole new audience. Kids: Aged six and up.

What is Parchie?

We always suspected that this love, and her expertise, would also result in something very cool. And Parchie doesn’t disappoint. The project came to life during the unfun days of 2020, and the playful, colorful, and functionally dependable result is an antidote to those challenging times.

There is no shortage of kids’ character watches or infantilizing timepieces that are the visual equivalent of a terrible gender reveal. Thus, Parchie fills a gap in the market.

The 32mm case size makes it appealing to children and adults alike, making it a timepiece that can mature alongside you. The design has all the hallmarks of a classic dive watch distilled to its essential elements, meaning it’s easy to read even if you’re learning to tell time.

What we love most about the look of Parchie is the case. It’s made of aluminum, which casts the colors in a bright new light. The material recalls the retro-chic jewel tones of anodized aluminum barware. And it is a welcome alternative to cheap-feeling plastic cases with typical garish crayon-colored hues like the majority of children’s timepieces. It also adds a more premium finish. I mean, if aluminum is good enough for Bulgari...

There are currently two versions of the timepiece – a pink and yellow combo with a white dial and a teal-on-teal with a yellow dial version – but more colorways and strap options are on their way, including a blue-on-blue version with a pale pink dial.

Built to Last

Aluminum is also light enough for little wrists to wear every day, all day. Which, again, makes it the perfect companion for any adventure that a kid can imagine.

Parchie is powered by a durable Japanese Hattori PC21S quartz movement, and its oversized crown makes it user-friendly for tiny hands that are still learning fine motor skills. Plus, it is water-resistant for up to 30 meters, so it’s perfect for hanging out at the pool or getting splashed during bath times. It comes on a nylon NATO strap fitted for wrists 4” to 6.5” wrists (which means that adults can wear them too). And it is covered by a one-year warranty.

As a former child who struggled with learning to tell time, I’m also impressed by the support Parchie provides. The watches come with educational elements and time-telling tips for parents. Barrett also plans to expand the brand into other products (i.e., books, gear, and merch) so that Parchie can be your pal in all aspects of life.

Priced at $50, Parchie is available now. For more information, visit the Parchie website.

(Images © Parchie Pal)

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