The G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TVA-1 Celebrates All Things Sci-Fi

Shock Of The New: The G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TVA-1 Celebrates All Things Sci-Fi

Based on the original DW-5000C, this titanium-clad timepiece also features laser engraving reminiscent of RoboCop.

By Rhonda Riche

We are living in the golden age of science fiction. From the mainstream success of the Marvel cinematic universe to award-winning historical fiction novels, like Colson Whitehead’s Underground Railroad, imagined futures and alternate realities are abound.

Moreover, the popularity of science fiction is no longer limited to movies and comic books. With their complex narratives, video games have become an art form unto themselves. It makes perfect sense that a timepiece could also explore virtual realities.

This is where the G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TVA-1 enters the scene.

Lasers on Stunning

It’s easy to understand why science fiction is so prevalent in the present day. Fantasy has always provided an escape from the harsh realities of real life. At the same time, it provides a way in which we can contemplate society’s most awkward subjects through the lens of an alternate universe.

G-SHOCK has always been about protection, but the new GMW-B5000TVA-1 takes the armor concept to another level, featuring an updated case, titanium parts, and a one-of-a-kind, futuristic design. Inspired by the familiar DW-5000C, this timepiece amps up that watch’s boxy aesthetic, with details resembling the futuristic body armor plates of a video game character.

To add to the GMW-B5000TVA-1’s cyberpunk style, the black bezel and band are laser-engraved with the watch's specifications to complete the Robocop silhouette. Laser-bored holes in the case reveal the red resin cushioning underneath the metal surface.

The watch may look heavy, but lightweight titanium is used throughout the watch to reduce its weight. The material has been treated with a diamond-like coating (DLC) to reduce wear and tear. A premium, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the futuristic face of the GMW-B5000TVA-1. The case and band links also feature a unique, perforated design meant to mimic hyper-stylized combat gear. The effect of this one-of-a-kind design is something familiar yet somehow more potent than your everyday timepiece.

Cyber Security

A lot of speculative fiction takes place in a not-too-distant future. The GMW-B5000-TVA1 emphasizes the “science” part of science fiction, with today's most forward-thinking technology.

Equipped with all the accuracy you need to take on the real world, the GMW-B5000-TVA1 includes smartphone pairing capabilities via Bluetooth. Like Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping for self-adjusting, accurate time and date display virtually anywhere on the globe; Tough Solar Technology; and phone finding capabilities via the G-SHOCK Connected app.

Additional features of the GMW-B5000TVA-1 include shock resistance; 200 meters of water resistance; five daily alarms; a fully automated calendar; and an STN-LCD digital display that makes the watch easy to read from any angle; and a multi-lingual time and date display.

The GMWB5000TVA1 is priced at $1,650 and will be available for purchase in November at select G-SHOCK retailers, the G-SHOCK SoHo (NYC) Store, and the G-SHOCK website.

(Images © G-SHOCK)

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