Going Hands-On With The Limited Edition MTGB2000XMG1 From G-SHOCK

Taste The Rainbow: A Closer Look At The New G-SHOCK MTGB2000XMG1 Limited Edition

Also known as the “Rainbow Mountain,” this rugged multi-hued watch reveals the beauty of individuality.

By Rhonda Riche

The noun “palimpsest” is a word for an object that has been altered but still bears visible traces of its earlier form, and it is the best way to describe the distinctive qualities of the new limited edition MTGB2000XMG1 from G-SHOCK. However, if truth be told, when viewed up close, words hardly seem sufficient to convey the appeal of this timepiece.

Not to get too deep too fast, but the MTGB2000XMG1 is a timepiece that is unique in its uniqueness. Early reviews focused on its colorful appearance, but the most compelling aspects of this timepiece are not related to its colorful embellishment. No, the elements present in the rest of the MT-G series that have been stripped away from the “Rainbow Mountain” are what have our interests piqued.

On The Spectrum

One of the reasons that G-SHOCK is such a fan favorite among collectors is that it unapologetically makes watches for every category of enthusiast.

The high-end MT-G series has all the ruggedness of an entry-level G-SHOCK, but with the artistry and inventiveness of a timepiece crafted by the most avant-garde luxury watchmakers. And the MTGB2000XMG1 paints quite a picture.

The first thing you’ll notice about this rainbow-hued timekeeper is the materials. The multicolor bezel is made of a carbon-reinforced resin, which is itself built from layers of laminated carbon and glass fiber. As a result, the MTGB2000XMG1’s striated finish evokes the landscape of Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA. The inspiration for this limited edition’s design, Antelope Canyon’s geological formations are truly awe-inspiring and feature sandstone outcroppings and passages that have been sculpted by the elements since the Jurassic Period (approx. 191 million to 174 million years ago).


If you haven’t visited Antelope Canyon in person, it’s an astonishing place. Located on Navajo land, just east of Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon includes two separate sections, referred to as Upper Antelope Canyon (Tsé bighánílíní) and Lower Antelope Canyon (Hasdestwazi). Both sites are considered sacred by the Navajo people (access is only allowed with a permit); thus, it should be no surprise that visiting these natural wonders is not unlike entering a cathedral. And as the light pours through openings in the rock, the colorful effect it produces will change, not only by the time of day but also by the season. No matter when you visit, the experience is profound.

But back to the MTGB2000XMG1 and its bezel. Another astonishing effect of the bezel’s layering process is, once cut from the original block of material, no two timepieces look the same. In fact, depending on the light and angle from which you view it, even individual MTGB2000XMG1 pieces will differ in appearance from, well, itself!

Yes, the colorful exterior of the MTGB2000XMG1 will have people stopping you in the street to ask you about your watch. But it’s the more subtle, personal interactions that make this limited edition so compelling.

Earthly Beauty

While the combined strength of the carbon and glass fiber layers elicits the enduring beauty of Antelope Canyon, at the same time, it wears extremely light on the wrist, suggesting the same delicate balance between the geography and ancient rivers that formed the canyons.

For example, the designers at G-SHOCK have also employed a rainbow ion-plated bezel ring, rose gold ion plating, and a translucent blue resin band to visually reproduce the oxidation of minerals deposited by volcanic activity and shifting tectonics.

And just in case the wearer experiences more physically earth-moving events, the G-SHOCK MTGB2000XMG1, like the rest of the MT-G line, is powered by the in-house Tough Solar quartz movement with a whole spectrum of complications, including a 24-hour chronograph and a countdown timer to a daily alarm, a perpetual calendar, radio-controlled atomic time calibration six times per day, mobile device connectivity via Bluetooth, a world timer, and solar charging.

Pricing & Availability

Currently out of stock, it is unknown how many pieces of the limited edition MTGB2000XMG1 “Rainbow Mountain” will ultimately be produced by G-SHOCK. But what we can tell you is, when available, it is priced at $1,150. Visit the G-SHOCK website for more information.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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