Top Five: Our Favorite G-SHOCK Releases Of 2021

Our Five Favorite G-SHOCK Releases Of 2021

From retro refreshes to futuristic collabs, G-SHOCK continues to deliver hard to beat watches.

By Rhonda Riche

If we’re being totally honest, 2021 was a great year for G-SHOCK fans (and, seriously, who isn’t one at this point?). That is why, today, we are highlighting our five favorite releases from this tough watchmaker.

The Throwback

Most watchmakers have leaned into vintage-inspired designs at some point, usually paying tribute to heritage pieces from the 1940s to 1970s. This year, however, brands like Tissot and Swatch decided to revisit the glory days of the 1990s, offering bright, pastel-colored watches.

G-SHOCK also got into the heritage game in 2021 by adding two new models to the DW5600 collection.

Done-up in historical hues (the DW5600 comes in postmodern yellow, blue, and green, while the DWE5600R-9 comes in yellow with replacement bands and bezels), these re-editions pay homage to the first colored G-SHOCK watches sold outside of Japan. The DW-5600R watches also feature a gold LCD interface, similar to those used in the original models.

Cool Collab

Limited edition collaborations are a big part of G-SHOCK’s identity. This year the brand teamed up with both celebrities (the G-SHOCK x Kid Cudi x BAPE DW6900 CUDI20-4CR) and artists (the GDX6900FTR-1 decorated by legendary graffiti artist Futura).

But in our opinion, the most delightful of these collaborations in 2021 is the DW5600NASA21, which, unsurprisingly, pays tribute to NASA.

The news in 2021 has been filled with stories of joy-rocketeering multi-billionaires. But we are fans of the contributions the space program has provided here on Earth, including: Water purification, GPS technology, advanced weather mapping, and the development of solar and wind power.

So, in honor of decades of space exploration and ground-breaking discoveries, this minimalist black and white moon watch features the emblematic NASA logo in bright red on the watch’s white face. Plus, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle launch in 1981, there is an engraving of that mission’s shuttle, the OV-102, on the caseback.

Priced at $130, this limited edition will take you one step closer to becoming an astronaut.

The Mini CasiOak

Back in May, we called the G-SHOCK GMAS2100 – a slightly scaled-down version of the GA2100 “CasiOak” series – “the perfect summer watch.” But, now, in December, we are still wearing ours.

Launched in early 2021, these four Mini CasiOaks come in black, white, salmon pink, and a sold-out blush pink with rose gold accents. And while the GMA-S2100 was initially aimed at women, we know of more than a few men who have embraced these watches due to their 46.2 x 42.9 x 11.2mm dimensions, which bests the GA2100 for the slimmest G-SHOCK currently on the market.

Priced at just $99, these watches are an excellent value proposition.

Virtual Insanity

The G-SHOCK community lost their minds when the manufacture released the cyberpunk-styled GMWB5000TVA1.

Designers took their inspiration from the robotic suits of the sci-fi and anime worlds. The watch features titanium parts coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC) and laser-etched with the watch’s specifications, lending a futuristic feel to the familiar G-SHOCK DW5000C case shape. Priced at $1,650, this limited edition is a must-have for collectors but is now, alas, sold-out.

Black & White

G-SHOCK is a street style favorite, but it is also a leader in off-road pursuits. The new Mudmaster GWG2000 is the perfect example of a timepiece that’s built for extreme outdoor conditions.

This latest addition to the Mudmaster series has added a forged carbon and stainless steel bezel, a carbon fiber composite case, and a carbon-fiber-reinforced strap to make the watch less bulky and approximately ten percent lighter than its predecessors. All of this is in addition to G-SHOCK’s Carbon Core Guard structure.

It also comes equipped with advanced features such as a solar-powered battery, Multi-Band 6 radio-controlled timekeeping, and triple sensor technology. 

Priced at $800, it’s the perfect pal for adventure.

For more information about all of these models and more, visit the G-SHOCK website.

(Images © G-SHOCK)

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