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Introducing: The Autodromo Ford GT Owners Editi​on Chronograph

Just shelled out $450,000 on a super car and find yourself with a few bucks to spare? Why not pick up the officially authorized owner’s watch?

By Josh Shanks
Managing Editor US

Purchasing a Ford GT instantly puts you in the realm of motorsport enthusiasts. I would imagine, hot off the purchase of your sublimely bespoke Ford GT, which you’ve been waiting (in some cases) for up to 18 months for delivery, you might be ready to celebrate.

Enter the Autodromo Ford GT Owners Editi​on Chronograph

As the buyer of a 3.5 Liter, 647 horsepower supercar you likely have a taste for adrenaline. After all, word on the street is, your new car tops out at 216 MPH!

Enter ​Autodromo​, an upstart, New York based motorsport-inspired brand. Today, they’ve introduced a continuation of their collaboration with Ford. The new ​Ford GT Owners Editi​on Chronograph isn’t just any watch. If fact, it’s not even a watch you can buy.

While it’s predecessor was a $695 Seiko Quartz powered chronograph, the Owners Editi​on is ONLY available to owners of the new Ford GT. This sublimely complicated flyback chronograph starts at $11,500. In keeping with the American theme, after purchase, the watch will be assembled and tested in Autodromo’s design studio in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

What makes this watch special?

Once fitted inside a 43mm matte ceramic case, the Ford GT Owners Editi​on Chronograph mirrors much of the design aesthetics of the Ford GT. From the steering wheel to the paddle shifters, you’ll find subtle notes of the prowess of the supercar that inspired the timepiece.

Behind the intricate honeycomb textured sapphire crystal dial, you’ll find a ​La Joux-Perret 7773 flyback chronograph movement​. While the dials are pained with colors straight from the Ford factory, the hour and minute hands are also made of sapphire crystal. Autodromo founder Bradley Price provided more context,

“The effect I wanted was of a pixelated 3D image on a computer screen, in reference to the digital instrument panel of the car,” says Price. “There had to be a depth to the dial and hand concept, both implied and real, and it had to be instantly readable. There were no design boundaries, but this had to remain a functional racer’s watch. We experimented with sapphire discs for the hands, for example, but legibility was compromised.”

But how do I buy?

Well, once you purchase your Ford GT, you can visit fordgtwatch.com and customize your watch. Each piece is customized to match car color and the casebacks will be engraved with the chassis number of your vehicle.

For those that didn’t buy the Ford GT, you can still purchase the more accessibly priced Ford GT Endurance Chronograph.