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The Coolest Microbrands We Saw At The 2019 WindUp Watch Fair

Located in the heart of Chelsea Market, Worn & Wound's WindUp watch fair took place last weekend. Here's a rewind to our favorite watches we discovered!

By Viviana Shanks

This three-day event gives small independent and micro brands a platform to showcase their creations. Entirely open to the public and free, Windup was the place to discover some incredible timepieces. Being located in the heart of a major New York City tourist attraction also helped to bring these watches to the general public too.

Being a customer-focused event, Windup connects enthusiasts and curious souls to brands and the people behind them. Fell in love with a watch? No problem! All watches were available for purchase directly from the creator of the brand!

Many thanks to Zach Weiss and his team at Worn & Wound for hosting this one of a kind event. It was the perfect moment to buy watch accessories too, from straps to watch winders, horological themed coasters, and much more, there was something for every watch lover. Here is a rundown of Watchonista’s favorite pieces from this weekend!

Laco Pilot Frankfurt GMT

Love traveling, but aren’t a fan of current GMT prices? Then this Laco Frankfurt GMT is made for you! It will only set you back $1,990 to keep you up with your various time zones. This 43mm stainless steel watch is clean and sleek. The hour-minute hands remind one of a plane’s propellers. The orange tip of the GMT hand gives a colorful and precise way to tell home time. It's a LOT of a watch from this German brand founded in 1925.  

Yema Rallygraf

Our Managing Editor Josh Shanks had a personal favorite, and it might be because of his interview with legendary Mario Andretti (read HERE). I have a thing for vintage watches, and I appreciate it when brands stay true to their roots and work hard to stay as faithful as possible to their ancestors.

Part of the Heritage collection, the “Brown Sugar” Rallygraf, was initially released in 1974. This particular rendition hosts an ETA Valjoux 7753 movement, which is a remake of the iconic original Valjoux movement. Available with mineral or sapphire crystal for higher scratch resistance. The new watch for vintage lovers and all made and assembled in France. Priced at $2,399.

Brew Watch Mastergraph - Steel

Coffee connoisseur, John Ferrer founded Brew Watches in 2015. And thanks to a lot of networking and a successful Kickstarter campaign, his brand has enjoyed great success. Since its founding, this micro-brand is well known and much appreciated by both high-end and microbrand collectors. Brew Watches is an open invitation to savor every moment in life. The new $375 Mastergraph is no exception.

Brew Watches is a regular of the WindUp watch fair, and Ferrer comes every year with new designs! This year, he introduced the Mastergraph, a Panda dial chronograph. Inspired by the “telephone timers” of the 1930s, the Mastergraph is designed with the same idea in mind. But unlike the telephone timers, the Mastergraph has indicators for when the perfect espresso shot has been extracted (from 25 to 35 seconds). We call it the Espresso Timer!

Dan Henry

Created by a Brazilian collector, Dan Henry was inspired by the watches in his collection. Dan Henry carefully chooses which watches he creates. They have to have a story, be daring, and leave a forever mark on the world of watchmaking. From the iconic military watches to the racing chronographs, there are a plethora of choices should you wish to get a budget-friendly vintage-inspired watch.

With prices ranging from $200 to $500. Dan Henry's quartz-powered pieces may lack a mechanical heart, but make up for it with stunningly inventive designs.

Farer World Timer Automatic

Farer watches are made for modern adventurers. Bold and contrasting, their watches feature Swiss Made movements and great design. These colorful watches are made to stand out and be different from other brands, like a proper adventurer. Plus, they're all accessibly priced considering the complications on offer.

The collection that caught our eye was the Worldtimer. Featuring 24 time zones and an automatic date, the watch is a standout from other world timers on the market today. The midnight blue dial of the Worldtimer Roché glows in the dark thanks to a generous SuperLumiova application, making it extra easy to read in the dark, in the middle of a midnight adventure. Plus, with a starting price of $1,550 USD, it's a tremendous buy.

Other Highlights From WindUp 2019

Here is a photo gallery of our favorite watches we saw at Windup!

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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