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Inside The Launch Of The New HYT H²0 Brown At Les Ambassadeurs in Geneva

Created in 2012, HYT has developed its own philosophy of haute horology with a unique fluidic representation of Time. A different conception of the space and time continuum, where time takes possession of space by writing itself in 3D.

By Benjamin Teisseire

Science project as much as a philosophical quest, HYT quickly found its market among watch collectors searching for innovation. In 2017, the brand from Neuchatel did some deep soul searching and thought its concept through and through to magnify it: the H0 was born. Over time, the design got sleeker in order to let the real star shine fully: the liquid; even though the mechanical movement has its importance. The introduction of a sapphire dome enabled the wearer to admire the timepiece under any angle.

Softness and Fluidity

The new H20 is derived from the same idea. It is thought like a sculpture and offers new perspectives on the horological object. This H20 Brown comes with that same sapphire dome, mounted on a stainless-steel case with an earthy brown PVD coating. It looks and feels soft as a pebble stone polished by the sea waters. Everything is round and fluid in this timepiece: the crystalline, transparent glass dome; the wave in the case's profile where the platina meets the crown; the tube where the fluids indicating the hour circulate; even the font of the indexes. Roundness is also highlighted on the back side where the double barrel hovers over the two rhodium-plated bellows.

Art and innovation, the HYT synthesis

We stand here at the crossroads of science and art. Where innovative technology mixes with the symbolism of art. The advanced technology of the fluidic system and the mechanical caliber developed exclusively for HYT by APRP is enhanced by the artistic interpretation of a new time measurement representation. The rich brown color of the case, the platina, and the bridges bring an ‘earth’ feeling to this fluidic object. Further highlighted by the red color which evokes lava, the blood of the Earth. The red fluid, incarnating passed time, slowly replaces the transparent one, embodying the future. Their meeting point, perpetually changing, defines the present. HYT pushes the reference further by adding a red-tinted sapphire crystal case back. At the back, the past, mechanical, red; at the front, the future, fluidic, transparent, in which relentlessly flows the flux of the history? As for all art pieces, interpretations are personal and multiple.

Notwithstanding its imposing measurements of 51mm diameter and 19.95mm high, this H20 proves surprisingly comfortable to wear. The curved back helps the case to settle perfectly on the wrist. The absence of lugs works wonders to make you feel you are one with this horological piece of art. It’s efficient like science. It’s beautiful like art. It’s fluid like water. It’s HYT.

This H20 Brown is limited to 8 pieces and priced at CHF 95.000.

Available at Les Ambassadeurs, Rue du Rhône 62, 1204 Genève

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