HYT Unveils the Elegant T1 Series to Celebrate the Brand’s 12th Anniversary

HYT Unveils the Elegant T1 Series to Celebrate the Brand’s 12th Anniversary

In celebration of its 12th anniversary and in keeping with its creative spirit, HYT – the brand that invented hydromechanics – unveils its first-ever “classical” watch.

By Roberta Naas
Special Correspondent

Exactly 12 years ago, in 2012, independent watch brand HYT burst onto the watchmaking scene with a dynamic and innovative approach to time telling: fluid. By using bellows and pistons to fill high-tech capillaries with reservoirs of viscous liquids, the brand’s hydromechanical watches were avant-garde marvels that awed the watch community.

Now, HYT brings the collection to all new heights and slimmed-down proportions with the T1 series.

An Unexpected Classic

The initial watches unveiled a dozen years ago, as well as subsequently over the years, were necessarily oversized to accommodate all of the hydro technology – technology protected by seven patents. So advanced and visionary was the concept that it won the Innovation Prize at the 2012 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).

Those first space-age-like watches – although perfect for the era – measured approximately 49mm in diameter and 18mm in thickness in order to flaunt their fluorescent liquid in all its glory. (For reference, a stack of 10 US quarter dollar coins is 17.5mm high.)

However, thanks to additional research and development – and to answer the demands of today’s discerning customers who love the fluidic concept but not the three-dimensional oversized structure – HYT is transcending its own technical boundaries.

Offered in titanium or 18-karat 5N rose gold, the new T1 Series boasts an innovative and elegant new octagonal case. And although it’s still pretty darn thick at 17.2mm (or approximately 9 nickels), the case diameter is now only 45mm, which makes more of a difference than you’d think.

Moreover, thanks to the sleek, subtly faceted angles of the case and the sophisticated dial colors, the watches comprising the new T1 Series exude a surprisingly classic appeal.

No one expected this from HYT, especially when you consider the unconventional spirit that has underscored the brand’s motto – “Challenge Everything” – since its inception. However, by combining its technical research and hydromechanical skill with a sleek neo-classical aesthetic, HYT seems to have come full circle to mark its 12th anniversary in memorable style.

The T1 Series

The new T1 Series consists of four timepieces that highlight the brand’s watchmaking prowess with a mechanical movement and its mastery of fluid technology. All combined, the result is a family of hydromechanical watches with the most refined expression the brand has ever showcased.

As mentioned, the case measures 45mm in diameter and is ergonomically enhanced thanks to the smooth curves and angles of the case and the omission of lugs. Moreover, the integrated strap is also interchangeable – offering more versatility than ever before.

However, it is the dial that draws our attention. Those familiar with HYT know that the dial has always been open in order for the fluid technology aspects (the bellows, etc.) to shine. Now, for the first time, there is an actual dial! It even has circular satin finishes along the minute track and on the hour ring (which still utilizes fluid to indicate the hours).

For an ultra-contemporary appeal, the T1 Series comes in either a titanium or black DLC titanium case with your choice of a salmon, silver, or anthracite gray dial. These will cost CHF 48,000.

There is also a version with an 18-karat rose gold and DLC titanium case and a midnight blue dial, which will retail for CHF 64,000. The liquid indication of time is either blue or black for added elegance.

The sapphire crystal is dome-shaped and treated with an anti-reflective coating, and the caseback boasts a sapphire crystal inset for viewing the movement.

Powering the New Look

The manually wound calibre 510-CM, which also comes in the Hasteroid collection, consists of 352 parts and utilizes the brand’s signature dual pistons (responsible for moving the fluids) to power the watch.

It showcases fluidic retrograde hours, a central minute hand, and a power reserve indicator subsidiary dial with hand. The crown is ergonomically placed at 2 o’clock, and the T1 series watches are water-resistant to 50 meters.

According to Vincent Perriard, President of HYT, “[12 years ago p]eople were talking to me about closing up the dial and offering much more sophisticated finishes. Since the demand was for ultra-innovative watches, we focused on showcasing our innovation.”

However, nowadays, as watch cases are slimming down and offering a more classic appeal, we’re happy to see HYT make some changes. “The result is our 45mm range, which features the diameter and watchmaking functions that are now in higher demand among aficionados, all the while nurturing the brand’s ecosystem and savoir-faire.”

For more information, visit HYT’s website.

(Images © HYT)

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