The SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition 2023
Dubai Watch Week

Dubai Watch Week: DOXA Intros The SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition 2023

A marvellous mother-of-pearl dial celebrates the brand’s partnership with the Middle East’s most prestigious jewellers.

By Rhonda Riche

This year’s Dubai Watch Week saw a flood of new releases. We’re talking gem-studded, precious metal opulence galore! Which means that it takes something extra special to stand out in the crowd. The limited edition DOXA SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition 2023 is one such timepiece.

Not only is it meaningful (the watch was created to honor the brand’s partner in the Middle East, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons), it’s beautiful (a deep sea-blue dial in natural mother-of-pearl, which gives each diver a one-of-a-kind appearance).

Sea Change

Over the years, DOXA has produced many of the world’s most impressive dive watches. Diving legend (and co-inventor of the aqualung) Jacques-Yves Cousteau wore a stainless steel SUB 300T Conquistador. The recently introduced SUB 300β shows that the maison wants to keep exploring uncharted waters with the use of color and new materials like ceramic.

Most importantly, the SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition is only the second time in DOXA’s history that they have used a mother-of-pearl dial on a Sub model (and, it is the first time they’ve used this hue)

Mother-of-pearl dials are not particularly new for dive watches, but dive watches with gem dials are having a comeback. Here, the deep blue treatment makes this sports watch look more luxurious while the 42.5 mm case size lends it a more physically substantial presence than a mere jewelry watch.

At the same time, its 11.95 mm profile and a lower bezel height (by 0.5 mm) than the SUB 300T make it easy to wear underwater, and at a more formal affair on the land, to boot.

Deeper Meaning

Dubai is a cosmopolitan and coastal city, so Introducing the this timepiece during Dubai Watch Week feels right. However, the design of the watch is a thoughtful tribute to the region’s past as well.

The earliest written record of Dubai is attributed to Muhammad al-Idrisi, the cartographer who mapped the region now known as the United Arab Emirates in the tenth century AD. Around 1580, the state jeweler of Venice, Gasparo Balbi, documented the pearling industry of Dubai. This business led to centuries of prosperity with divers plunging into the Persian Gulf for pearls destined for royal courts around Africa, Arabia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Until oil was discovered in the 20th century, Pearl diving and trading was the engine that fueled Dubai’s prosperity. Mother-of-pearl, the iridescent inside lining commonly found in pearl oysters, is a by-product of this industry, and its lustrous nacre was also popular in making jewelry and decorating furniture. Its presence is associated with exquisite craftsmanship to this day.

Bridging The Gulf

The SUB 300ß is part of a generation of timepieces that are redefining the code of where and when you can wear a sports watch. It looks professional in the boardroom, while still meeting the technical specifications of how a professional dive watch should function.

This edition features the DOXA-patented unidirectional rotating bezel – here, with a blue ceramic insert that echoes the color of the dial. It features dual scales for dive duration (in minutes) and depth (in meters) to calculate no-decompression dives.

All diving-related indications of the dial are coated with Super-LumiNova, ensuring optimal legibility underwater and in low-light conditions. And it is water-resistant to 30 ATMs.

The SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition 2023 is carved from a solid block of 316L stainless steel and is presented with a classic “beads of rice” bracelet in stainless steel, or with a white FKM rubber strap for a more modern look. Both have a folding clasp featuring an adjustable wetsuit extension.

The SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition retails for USD $3,200 and will be available at all Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons retail locations. You can find out more at the DOXA website, as well.

(Images © DOXA)

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