Rolex Daytona Anniversary - Alfredo Paramico Interview

Rolex Daytona Anniversary - Alfredo Paramico Interview

My name is Alfredo Paramico and I have been collection watches for almost 20 years. Since 2011, I am the Fund Manager of Precious Time the first and only existing Fund investing in vintage and collectible watches. Even if my main focus is Patek Philippe my admiration for the Daytona is extremely strong !

By Watchonista

W.What does the Rolex Daytona Cosmographe represent for you?

AP.Without any doubt I can say the Daytona represents the watch which made this market exist. To some extents its design, the beauty of the dial, and the massive sport look of its layout is a must for every collector. I have always dreamt to have one when I initially approached this market and the day I bought my first ref. 6263 silver dial will always be in my mind as a day of great achievements!

Do you have or have you ever wanted to own a Rolex Daytona? If yes, could you please tell us the ref / year ?

I think that I had the privilege to own all (or very close to) the references… Apart from the 6263 YG Oyster Newman and very few others (like Omani logo, Qaboos…) I wore all them!

I do prefer the very plain 6263 with the black dial and the very conservative 6262 two colors Newman dial which I do consider “the Paul Newman”.

Even if I don’t disregard at all the importance of some prototypes or very important and extremely rare versions I feel closer to the basic versions. 

According to you, why has this watch become so mythical?

Because it represents the “nec plus ultra” of the sport watch. And sorry if it isn’t much!!!

50 years after its launch, how do you imagine the future evolution of this emblematic model?

The idea of a platinum version launched during the last Basel fair without any doubts means Rolex will pay huge attention to this watch. In the future I hope Rolex will not try to emphasize the Daytona producing watches which could be considered a mere copy of the glorious past versions.

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