Rolex Daytona Anniversary - Dr Bruce Lee Interview

Rolex Daytona Anniversary - Dr Bruce Lee Interview

My name is Dr. Bruce Lee, and I am the CEO of Revolution Press Pte Ltd. Our parent company publishes the men’s classic elegance magazine The Rake, and one of the world’s mostly highly regarded watch magazines Revolution.

By Watchonista

W: What does the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph represent for you?

BL: The stainless steel Daytona was the very first watch I bought for myself so I am very emotionally attached to the Daytona.  It was and still is one of my favorite watches.

Do you own or have you ever wanted to own a Rolex Daytona?

I have a black version and a white version of the Zenith movement Daytona as well as a black version and a white version with Rolex’s in house movement. I should have in my hands rose gold Daytona with a black dial and rose gold bracelet shortly. Looking forward to receiving this watch!

According to you, why has this watch become so mythical?

There are many reasons. The demand was so great that a stainless version would sell for more than the half gold version. It was something that was extremely difficult to obtain. You could be a person of means but that doesn’t mean that you can get your hands on an elusive stainless steel Daytona! Like anything in life, the harder you have to work for something, the more you cherish and appreciate it!

Fifty years after its launch, how do you imagine the future evolution of this iconic model?

Rolex is a brilliant company and I am certain they will do a great job on the Daytona. It’s really the perfect watch. To keep everything the same is to maintain perfection!

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