Exclusive Video: Sylvester Stallone Gets Personal About Patek Philippe, WEMPE, a

Exclusive Video: Sylvester Stallone Gets Personal About Patek Philippe, WEMPE, And Watch Collecting

Watchonista and WEMPE present a conversation with Sylvester Stallone.

By Josh Shanks

Sylvester Stallone needs no introduction – actor, screenwriter, director, and cultural icon. For nearly five decades, the Academy Award-winning actor has been thrilling audiences, young and old. From Rocky Balboa to Rambo, Stallone has endeared himself to film lovers around the world. He’s also amassed a healthy watch collection along the way.

Watchonista has previously covered Sylvester Stallone’s relationship with WEMPE Fifth Avenue. And Mr. Stallone’s go-to person at WEMPE is Raik Krause, WEMPE Fifth Avenue’s Patek Philippe Boutique manager. Today we’re pleased to present a special interview Krause had with Stallone on the occasion of WEMPE’s 40th anniversary.

Video Interview

Key Talking Points

Notable highlights in our video of WEMPE and Watchonista’s interview with Stallone include the story behind Sly’s first nice watch, a gold Rolex Submariner ref. 1680/8 with a Tiffany & Co. stamp on the dial, how Stallone became so intrigued by Patek Philippe, and some of Sly’s favorite watch related memories from the movie set.

One of Watchonista’s favorite questions to ask celebrities is, “What was the longest second of your life?” From George Foreman to Brad Pitt, the answers to this question are always the most intriguing and insightful of the interview. As you’ll discover in our video, Stallone has a very humorous reply to this philosophical question.

You can watch the full video on Watchonista’s YouTube channel and read our dedicated article on Sylvester Stallone’s love of WEMPE.

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