Five Things That Make Watchonista: Volume 01 Different

Five Things That Make Watchonista: Volume 01 Different

Our first print edition is packed with original content, compelling storytelling, and a special section dedicated to horologically adjacent passions.

By Josh Shanks

When we set out to create a print edition of Watchonista, our team reflected on what has made us successful over the last ten years. One thing was instantly apparent, we’ve always approached our editorial and content from the perspective of a watch collector because that’s how most of our team entered the watch industry.

So when we decided to create Watchonista: Volume 01, we had one goal in mind: Make a magazine that watch collectors would actually want to read.

Here are five things that make Watchonista: Volume 01 different.

Original Content

As the new digital adage goes: “Content is king.” And as purveyors and creators of content for some of the world’s leading watch brands and retailers, everyone at Watchonista and Watchonista Creative Studios prides themselves on creating compelling storytelling and fresh, dynamic content.

So we saw no reason to change direction with Watchonista: Volume 01. Instead of relying on brand-supplied corporate content, we made the decision to use all-original content created by our global team. No computer renderings or pack shots here! Ninety-nine percent of the images you see in the 120 plus pages of Watchonista: Volume 01 were shot in our studio.

So instead of seeing the same derivative pictures you see on the web and across print publications, all the images you see in Watchonista: Volume 01 are original and fresh. That, in turn, lends the magazine a more of a coffee table book-like feel than a typical magazine you’d find on newsstands.

The Lounge by Watchonista

The brainchild of our Chairman and Executive Publisher, Marco Gabella, The Lounge by Watchonista is a special glossy insert, which readers will find mid-book. This special section focuses on relevant categories with which watch guys and gals will identify.

From spirits to cigars, The Lounge has a definitive look and feel that sets it apart from the watch-related content in the magazine. Moreover, many of the articles in this section have QR codes, which re-direct the reader to a digital version of the article with rich content.

Our primary sponsor of this section is Louis XIII, the world's most precious Cognac.

Look, Feel, and Smell

After months of international teamwork, what struck me most when I picked up a final copy of Watchonista: Volume 01 was its weight. It clocks in at over a pound! So not only does it feel substantial, extra care was paid to the production process. The special Omega cover is printed using a bronze-metallic ink and stain-coated for added protection. We’ve also treated the Watchonista logo and the hands of the Omega Seamaster 300 in Bronze Gold with a special UV gloss, which allows them to stand out.

The paper used in the magazine is of substantial quality, and every single internal page has been treated with a soft-touch coating, which feels luxurious and inviting for readers. As a byproduct of these printing processes, Watchonista: Volume 01 smells great!

Unique Distribution

As we’ve said previously, Watchonista: Volume 01 is “the watch magazine you can’t buy.” The only way you can obtain a copy is by visiting our Find The Magazine tab, where you can opt-in to location services and instantly find a brand boutique or partner retailer near you. Or, if you’re more comfortable entering a city, state, or zip code, our map will show you the nearest place to pick up a complimentary copy of Watchonista: Volume 01.

At launch, Watchonista will have over 50 points of distribution. More will be announced in the coming weeks, including European outlets. As a friendly reminder, Watchonista magazine is NOT FOR SALE.

A Global Launch

Instead of producing multiple regional-specific magazines, we opted to create one volume that speaks to our global readership. At launch, copies have been distributed to friends and collectors of Watchonista from points as different as Kuwait and Idaho. So while you may not see Watchonista: Volume 01 at your nearest retailer, you’ll certainly know a friend or fellow enthusiast that’s more than happy to share.

While the magazine is being officially launched at COUTURE, it will cross the pond for Geneva Watch Days, due to take place August 30 – September 3. But more on that soon…

Find The Magazine

Starting today, readers can click Find The Magazine to locate their nearest copy of Watchonista: Volume 01. Thanks to the support from our advertisers and partner retailers, we’re able to offer the magazine at no charge. At launch, our points of distribution include all US OMEGA boutiques, WEMPE Fifth Avenue, Watches of Switzerland, Reis-Nichols, MAYORS, Topper Jewelers, Shreve Crump & Low, and Bhindi Jewelers.

From all of us at Watchonista, we wish you happy reading!

(Photography by Simon Wernovsky)

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