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Acclaimed watch photographer Atom Moore brings his Watch Portraits show to the NAWCC museum

Acclaimed photographer, and my friend Atom Moore will be bringing his Mashup series to the NAWCC museum in Columbia, PA.

By Josh Shanks

If you follow @atommoore on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with Atom’s work as a watch photographer. He’s the in-house photographer for vintage seller AnalogShift, and he’s the resident photographer for Red Bar Crew. Both positions allow Atom to see some of the finest references of vintage and modern timepieces.

His macro photos bring you to another dimension by exploring granular details you may miss with your eyes. His Mashup series, features artful blends and re-arrangements of watch elements via collage. When you boil these photos down to their essence, they’re not just pictures of watches, they’re truly portraits that any watch geek would love to hang on their walls. I should know, I have a few myself.

GMT bezels by Atome Moore

Last year, Atom hosted a photography exhibit of his Watch Mashups commissioned by Tudor in Hong Kong. He has had several solo art exhibitions of his portrait and Watch Mashup photography in New York City.

 “I have been creating Watch Portrait Mashups for the last few years,” explains Atom. “A portrait of a watch has just as much personality as a person does. I try to bring those different personality traits/details out with my Mashups. It’s important to love what you do and look for inspiration in what you love.”

F.P. Journe

Atom will be bringing his Watch Portraits series to the National Watch and Clock Museum this month. The show opens April 29th, and will be running through the end of the year. Admission is free for museum members, and non-members are just $9.00.

“The Museum is always seeking special exhibits that explore the many interesting facets of horology, and Atom’s work brings to life the amazing detail found in the skill of watchmaking. We are honored to be able to exhibit Atom’s work and provide our visitors with an opportunity to discover Atom’s unique perspective on horology,” shares Museum Director Noel Poirier.

The special exhibit, Watch Portraits, will continue through December and is included with Museum admission. For more information, visit:

To view all of Atom’s creations, visit

Front image: Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox

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