WOLF And Analog/Shift Launch A Series Of Seriously Cool Vintage Inspired Watch B

WOLF And Analog/Shift Launch A Series Of Seriously Cool Vintage Inspired Watch Boxes

The New York City-based purveyor of vintage timepieces partners with the 187-year-old case maker.

By Josh Shanks

Founded by German silversmith Philipp Wolf I in 1834, WOLF is a five-generation family-owned brand that's been making some of the best cases, safes, and winders for nearly two centuries. The Wolf family legacy is now entrusted to Simon Philip Wolf V, the fifth man in the Wolf clan, to run their eponymous company.

The original credo from Philipp Wolf I remains true to this day, “It is logical to protect one’s possessions by storing and safeguarding them in a fine quality box.” The original WOLF value proposition was remarkably simple. When the elder Wolf I found that items sold in high-quality cases demanded a premium, he abandoned his silversmithing business and focused entirely on box making.

To knowledgeable collectors, the WOLF name is synonymous with the manufacture of boxes that accompanied some of the most desirable, now vintage watches from the 1950s and the decades that followed. In fact, during the mid 20th century, WOLF found their niche by becoming an OEM supplier of boxes to some of the world's most renowned watch brands, and by producing luxury watch boxes and storage solutions for discerning collectors of said brands. A genuine 360° approach.

The WOLF x Analog/Shift Collection

Which brings us to another name in vintage, particularly vintage watches – Analog/Shift, a New York City-based vintage watch retailer. Founded by James Lamdin in 2012. From highly desirable Paul Newman Rolex Daytonas to accessibly-priced stunners from the likes of Omega and Doxa, Analog/Shift offers vintage watches for a wide variety of collectors and budgets.

Full disclosure, James was partially responsible for my horological fanaticism when he sold me my first vintage watch, a Rolex Submariner ref. 5513. I digress, the new WOLF x Analog/Shift Collection is a lineup of two watch boxes and a valet tray that looks straight out of the 1950s and '60s. The best part about this collection is that you don't have to leave your house to enjoy them.

When I asked Lamdin about the inspiration for this collection, he bemused, “I had the WOLF team over to Analog/Shift’s offices and as Simon [Philip Wolf V], and I are going through some of the cool vintage boxes that we had in the shop, he was very quiet, the wheels were turning in his head, and he spoke up suddenly and said, "You know," it's a family-owned business, and he's like, "my grandfather actually manufactured a lot of this packaging for these brands. So we have patents and a history of making a lot of this stuff."

Philip Wolf V continued, “We made all these in the past, and I’d love to revive this. We’ve never done anything like this for storage.”

Thus, the WOLF x Analog/Shift Collection was born. At the center of this collection is the Vintage Collection, two pieces made with rich green and gold-trimmed leather reminiscent of some very iconic boxes made by WOLF in the 1950s and '60s. The 10 Piece Watch Storage Box is the standout within the Vintage Collection. Plush suede-style watch cushions are mated to gold-colored tabs that fit snuggly into the 10-slot interior. The 10 Piece Watch Storage Box is priced at a very reasonable $399.

Next up in the Vintage Collection, you'll find a matching rich green and gold-trimmed Valet Tray. This tray, with its main compartment cushioned and decorated with the Analog/Shift 'AS' logo, will hold one watch, a handful of straps, and whatever else your heart desires. Priced at $115, this is an excellent gift for the collector in your life.

Finally, there’s the Flatiron II, a five-piece watch box made from light wood with remarkable milling work from the WOLF team. This box was inspired by a box Analog/Shift made in 2015 that has long since sold out. Lamdin adds, “All I did was provide WOLF with some basic dimensions and photos of our earlier product, and they were able to reconstruct it magnificently with unbelievable quality. So, that was a surprise actually because, to my knowledge, they [WOLF] hadn’t done anything with wood for quite some time.” The Flatiron II is priced at $325.

Pricing and Availability

The WOLF x Analog/Shift Collection ranges in price from $115 to $399. This collection will be made in limited numbers, so expect it to sell out relatively quickly. You can purchase the collection via WOLF’s website.

(Images provided by WOLF and Analog/Shift)

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