Invite: Join Grand Seiko And Watchonista For A Full-Day Open House In SoHo

Invite: Join Grand Seiko x Watches of Switzerland And Watchonista For A Full-Day Open House In SoHo

Next week, August 12, we’re joining forces with Grand Seiko and Watches of Switzerland to host an open house at their Nature of Time Exhibition in SoHo.

By Watchonista

The recently opened Grand Seiko & Watches of Switzerland ‘Nature of Time Experience’ is an immersive store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood (read HERE). This experiential space offers visitors an immersion into Grand Seiko and a chance to view the latest Grand Seiko novelties, including an exclusive selection of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) pieces making their US debut for the first time.

To celebrate the opening of the 'Nature of Time Experience,' Watchonista, Grand Seiko, and Watches of Switzerland are hosting an exclusive one-day open house at the SoHo pop-up (119 Spring Street, New York City). On Wednesday, August 12, from 11 am to 7 pm, Team Watchonista will be on-site at the 'Nature of Time Experience.' Throughout the day, we'll be hosting a variety of product demonstrations, watchmaking tutorials, and Q&As with Grand Seiko’s Joe Kirk.

Invitation And Details

To register your interest in attending, please email

About The Nature of Time Experience

Located at 119 Spring Street in Manhattan, the ‘Nature of Time’ experience (read HERE) is divided into themed zones. At the front of the space is a photo-friendly alcove dressed from floor to ceiling in sakura (cherry blossom) motifs. Next, the airy main gallery hosts various lines of Grand Seiko timepieces spanning the Sport, Heritage, Masterpiece, and Elegance collections with additional vitrines for ladies’ timepieces, the brand’s snowflake-dial watches, and the newly released Toge Special Edition GMT (HERE).

After the main gallery, one dives deeper still into the world of Grand Seiko. The middle room is the darkest and moodiest, bordered by traditional shoji screens backlit by swirling shades of blue and purple. Above these traditional screens are digital screens alternating between soothing, seasonal scenes of nature and Japanese poems on the impermanence of time.

In the center are the four pieces making up the Nature of Time collection: “Hanaikada” representing the cherry blossoms of Spring, “Rikka” representing the verdant vitality of Summer, “Tsukiyo” representing the moonlit nights of Autumn, and “Miyuki” representing the snowy silence of Winter. You can read more about the Nature of Time collection HERE.

How to attend

The Watchonista x Grand Seiko Open House is an exclusive one-day experience for Watchonista's readers and followers. The open house event will be taking place on Wednesday, August 12, from 11 am to 7 pm at 119 Spring Street in New York City. Register your interest by emailing: Not able to attend in person? You can also make a private or digital appointment via Grand Seiko's website (HERE). For your health and safety, no more than five guests will be allowed in the space at any given time. We hope to see you there! 

COVID-19 Precautions

In accordance with CDC guidelines, guests will be required to wear a face-covering and practice social distancing. Full details on Grand Seiko's COVID-19 Precautions can be found HERE.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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