The Genesis Of The Seamaster Design

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Design is born from inspiration and from a clear vision of functionality. From its military heritage and a strong will to create the most versatile watch possible, came to fruition the emblematic design of the Seamaster. Petros Protopapas, Omega’s International Brand Heritage Manager, explains more.

By Benjamin Teisseire

One of the great questions for all designers is: “Is it function that dictates form or the opposite?” The Seamaster seems to answer this key question quite thoroughly. The timekeeper was conceived as the ultimate watch. Comfortable in rugged conditions and perfectly suitable for a black-tie event.

How do you judge the relevance of a design? History may be the best acknowledgement of a successful design. When is it a success? Clearly when it reaches icon status.

In other words, when one, it is immediately identifiable and two, when it stands the test of time without aging. The 70-year-old Seamaster passes that test with flying colors.

The Genesis Of Seamaster Design

Inspired from the very first military watches made by Omega, as early as 1917. Many of which were made for the Allied forces during WW2. Seamaster design stemmed from four distinctive features: a solid case, great legibility, proven precision-tested movements, and total waterproofness.

In 1927, a touch of class was added to make the Seamaster a timepiece made for a life of action, as stated in an early advertisement. James Bond obviously agreed and to this day, embodies the best of both worlds: sturdiness and reliable under any circumstances and second-to-none elegance.

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