Sharing The Good Life With Anonimo - A Tale Of Wine And Watchmaking

Sharing The Good Life With Anonimo - A Tale Of Wine And Watchmaking

To establish a brand, horological or not, is to create a universe, to convey a message and ethos. Since 1997, Anonimo has created Swiss timepieces with a different spirit. Today, we discover Anonimo's culture: Italian dolce vita, good tables, great wine, and shared emotions.

By Benjamin Teisseire

Swiss mechanical watchmaking is one of those “beautiful things” in life. It is a pleasure that gives meaning through quality, depth, and the capacity to inspire your imagination.

Alignment of the stars

As with all good things, it takes time to get there. To immerse yourself in the Anonimo universe, in the roots of its way of being, we went to Italy. Specifically, we traveled two hours from Rome to Castello di Gallano. Nestled in the green hills of Umbria, peace and serenity blend perfectly with the authenticity of the stone and the purity of the air as we arrived in the fully renovated village/resort. However, rebuilt would probably be the more accurate term because before being restored by the Becca family (owners of Anonimo since 2003) the medieval village was in ruins.

A tasting menu awaited us to spotlight local products. Truffle Omelet, risotto al dente (as only Italians can do), and rosemary lamb chops took us to the heart of excellent Italian cuisine. Aldo Becca told us about his life: exciting, joyful, authentic - just like Anonimo. We barely spoke about watches. Instead, the conversation centered more around passion, roots, dreams, and shared experiences. In the background, the DNA of the brand was taking shape.

Following the meal, a surprise awaited us: a middle-of-the-night harp concert in front of the restored castle with a lunar eclipse backdrop. It was a moment full of charm and more than a bit of magic. Exhilarating as the estate’s wine, Perticaia, was tasty. Everyone was silent, admiring, and amazed.

Far above our heads, the International Space Station passed over the castle, like a shooting star, winking at us. The guests dreamt for a long time before going to bed smiling, stars in their eyes, with an unforgettable memory forever engraved in their minds.

Confluence of passions

The next day, the exploration of Anonimo passion continued in a hilly, sun-bathed vineyard of Umbria. Perticaia’s fields are like Anonimo and its owners: human-sized, led by passionate and generous people, and produce high-quality products that deserving of renown. This is not meant to be a marketing blurb. It was just a true pleasure to discover, exchange, and have a good time in good company.

The oenologist of the vineyard, Matteo, took us among the grapes to show us all the work done by hand. At Perticaia, local varieties are used: Sangiovese, Sagrantino, and Colorino for red; Trebbiano Spoletino for white. The avowed aim is authenticity: make wines that express the terroir of Montefalco and its uniqueness. Matteo’s passion was contagious. His eyes shone talking about his vineyard’s biodynamic yields. Yet, he showed a certain tenderness while discussing the differences between young clusters of Sagrantino - small and fragile - and Trebbiano - generous and picked at just the right time.

Shortly after, we were shown how the aging is done in vats and barrels to obtain the desired finesse. Everything is about balance to fully express the marriage of a grape variety and terroir. Finally, the young winemaker made our mouths water by unveiling the latest vintage which will come out in a year or two.

Sharing emotions

The dark gray dial of the Anonimo Epurato told us it was time for lunch. The entire Perticaia team invited us to share their meal on the shaded terrace overlooking the vineyard and the plain around Montefalco. What a breathtaking view! Unforgettable! The regional dishes were plentiful on the large table: simple, generous, delicate, and strong at once.

There were locally made sausages and locally sourced in-season vegetables. Olives and capers further enhanced the flavor. The atmosphere was warm, playful, family-like, and the wine loosened tongues. The Perticaia delposto white was sumptuous and surprising. Golden yellow with a nose of aromatic herbs like thyme or rosemary and touches of chamomile. It’s a unique wine, just like the region. And it reveals all its personality, freshness, creaminess, difference, and authenticity. The Perticaia family is rightly proud of it.

Enthusiastically, the vintages flowed one after the other, and we discovered the full potential of the estate. The red wines came next with the pasta, the risotto, and meat dishes! A real Italian meal, endless and passionate. The 2005 Sagrantino was spectacular! Everyone talked about it with love. The joy was contagious. It was a moment of authentic and genuine sharing that will forever remain etched in our memories.

The Anonimo Art of living

It is this history of common passions that Anonimo tells its story. A passion for Swiss watchmaking tinged with the richness of the Italian lifestyle. A passion for nature, wine, good food, and the simple truth that we love to live together. As with the wines of Perticaia, patience, perseverance, and passion are needed to discover the Anonimo watches, the brand owners, the people who work there, and the culture of life they embody. A universe to ugenty discover.

Photo Report

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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