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A Day with a Blancpain

1930 was the historical date where Blancpain created the first automatic wristwatch for women. Twenty-six years later, they launched the smallest automatic round timepiece. A revolution at the time and a time easily read on the LadyBird.  An iconic piece reinterpreted a little less than a century later…

By Eléonor Picciotto

Following the long appreciated codes of elegance and innovation, the Swiss watch company launched a feminine collection they named Women and not Lady as an image to the independent and active women of today assuming their -sometimes- complicated choices. Yet… the Ladybird with its tiny automatic movement has no complications whatsoever but gives another complicated choice to a woman: choose her watch.

Let’s make a choice

Summer is approaching and the red gold version on a white bracelet seems more appropriate than white gold. Choice one: done. That was easy…

Blancpain Ladybird Blancpain Ladybird

Now should I go with a plain white mother of pearl dial with a heart cut ruby at noon?  As a second option, I could choose the wavy dial with a ruby set at the tip of the two waves set with white diamonds below the golden hands.

Saving the best for the end, I’d rather go with the diamond heart shaped with the movement of what could be two swans overlooking two others a heart on the lower part of the dial… Choice two: done.

Blancpain Ladybird Blancpain Ladybird

Clover, Ladybug, heart … 

When the first Ladybird was launched it was a big success but the newest edition is even more of a hit! Six charms are now attachable to the 21.50 mm diameter gold case and offered for the three different versions of the Blancpain timepiece. Set with an automatic movement and the calibre 6150, the Ladybird holds a power reserve of forty hours. What seems to be randomly dropped on the white mother of pearl dial are nothing more than brilliant cut rubies… the same colored stones we find on the mixed setting paving the charms with diamonds.

Blancpain Ladybird Blancpain Ladybird in white gold

For the last complicated question of the day, now that I am sure which of the three models I shall pick, which of the six charms should I attach to it? Thirty-six possibilities… Argh. Who said it was simple to be a woman?

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