A Closer Look At The Casio EDIFICE Honda Racing EFS-560HR-1A Limited Edition
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A Closer Look At The Casio EDIFICE Honda Racing EFS-560HR-1A Limited Edition

Honda may be departing Formula One but is leaving behind one hell of a watch!

By Josh Shanks

Casio’s EDIFICE collection doesn’t get nearly the love that it should. Maybe that’s because this predominantly JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) brand caters to a younger clientele and falls somewhere between Casio and G-SHOCK. The collections also tend to be sportier with motorsports-inspired designs, with many produced in partnership with two racing teams. Scuderia AlphaTauri and TOM’s Racing Team.

I first discovered the EDIFICE collection during a visit to Casio’s R&D lab in Hamura, Japan. When Casio’s executives were going through the various collections, including 3D printers, they briefly touched on the EDIFICE line. I was instantly enamored by the collection’s smooth lines, slimmed proportions, and its use of unique materials and the latest technologies available.

Now when I see any Casio employee, the number one question I ask is, “When will EDIFICE be available in the American market?” Over the years, I’ve managed to pick up a few EDIFICE pieces via airport duty-free shops, but I’ve always yearned for more. Thankfully, Casio has listened to enthusiast feedback and started to bring more EDIFICE models to the American market.

Honda Racing

For the uninitiated, Honda’s history in racing dates back to 1964 when Honda entered its first Formula One race with driver Ronnie Bucknum. Since then, the carmaker and engine supplier has gone on to win the Indy 500, numerous F1 championships, and participated in various motorcycle and endurance races.

And while Honda engines currently power two F1 teams, Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri, the company announced earlier this year that it would be leaving the F1 grid following the conclusion of the 2021 season. It was hard news to take for this F1 fan as the name Honda is synonymous with on-track performance and has powered cars from Ayrton Senna to Max Verstappen.

Introducing The Casio EDIFICE Honda Racing EFS-560HR-1A Limited Edition

However, Casio and Honda still had a few (pleasant) surprises up their sleeve for the 2021 F1 season. Enter the new Casio EDIFICE Honda Racing Limited Edition EFS-560HR-1A that was released earlier this year. The new EFS-560HR-1A is made in collaboration with Honda and celebrates the famed car and engine maker.

The new EFS-560HR-1A features a sporty case design with integrated lugs that measure 50.2mm lug-to-lug and 45.4mm in diameter with a thickness of just 10.3mm. The case is produced from stainless steel and is black ion-plated. Furthermore, the bezel is carbon fiber. It’s a downright race-y look and worthy of a racer’s wrist.

This solar-powered chronograph features two central hands and three sub-dials – two to measure elapsed time and one to measure 1st & 2nd place times. From a full charge, the watch has a power reserve of up to six months. Pretty remarkable, considering that the watch is powered via solar cells hidden beneath a uniquely textured dial, which the brand says is reminiscent of an asphalt racing surface.

Another unique element of the EFS-560HR-1A is its black and red Kevlar fiber band with CORDURA fabric. Red stitching and a Honda branded keeper completes the look of this soft and supple strap.

In The Metal

Thanks to our friends at Casio, Watchonista was able to test drive an EFS-560HR-1A model. I was well pleased to see the watch arrive in a special carbon fiber textured display case. As a Honda Civic owner in my teenage years, the fit and finish of this watch took me on a drive down memory lane.

Don’t let the 50.2 x 45.4mm case measurement fool you. This is a supremely wearable watch. The racing-inspired strap is soft and needs next to zero breaking-in. Plus, the dial and bezel are plain fun to look at, period. Not to mention that the textured dial is reminiscent of another famous brand, which shall remain nameless, that makes racing chronographs priced thousands more than the EDIFICE.

The EDIFICE Honda Racing EFS-560HR-1A Limited Edition is one of those rare watches that I’ll have a hard time returning to Casio. It’s just a surprisingly delightful watch that is motorsports-inspired and further cements the EDIFICE’s legitimacy in the world of racing.

Pricing And Availability

The Casio EDIFICE Honda Racing EFS-560HR-1A Limited Edition is priced at $400 and available at select Casio, G-SHOCK, and EDIFICE retailers. Alternatively, limited supply is available in the EDIFICE e-shop.

You can learn more about EDIFICE’s motorsports partnerships on the brand’s website.

(Photography by Simon Wernovsky)

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