The Perfect Summer Watch Is Here! Meet The $99 G-SHOCK GMAS2100-4A

Honey, they shrunk the CasiOak!

By Rhonda Riche

One of the occasional hazards of writing about watches is desperately wanting to buy any and every timepiece that excites you. Fortunately, financial considerations usually override FOMO, but then G-SHOCK comes along and introduces something like the G-SHOCK GMAS2100 series – a slightly smaller version of the wildly popular GA2100 series also known as the “CasiOak” because of its octagonal case.

Launched in early 2021, these four Mini CasiOaks also come in a range of colors – black, white, salmon pink, and blush pink with rose gold accents. They are aimed at women but will also appeal to anyone who wants a less bulky, beach-ready watch (more on that later).

Summer Loving

It’s the G-SHOCK GMAS2100-4A in light pink that encapsulates the perfect summer timepiece for me. The color makes a statement but without the heft of the GA2100. It also wears lighter, and like any G-SHOCK, it is built tough. So, it can take on all of the outdoor activities I have planned for the summer (a year plus of lockdowns has me yearning for lake swimming, city biking, and forest hiking).

While it shares the octagonal bezel, flat mineral crystal, three-dimensional face, simple bar hour markers, and carbon-reinforced resin case of the GA2100, the subtle light-pink monochromatic colorway of the GMAS2100-4A adds a less aggressive layer of visual interest to the watch. This pale pink is practically neutral, which means I can wear it year-round. Add yet another excuse to rationalize purchasing it even though I already have a million G-SHOCKs and Baby Gs.

I Like It Too

Speaking of the Baby-G, the GMAS2100-4A is a more gender-fluid timepiece, even if it is marketed to women. I mean, if Kid Cudi can appear on Saturday Night Live wearing a dress and hot pink G-SHOCK DW-6900, any man can wear this watch to the beach without judgment.

It is all about wearing whatever makes you comfortable. The Mini CasiOak’s dimensions are 46.2 x 42.9 x 11.2 millimeters, which bests the GA2100 for the slimmest G-SHOCK currently on the market. Still, it is far from being a dainty watch; nevertheless, the proportions will appeal to anyone with a smaller wrist.

Nothing else about the GMAS2100 series has been downsized. It offers the same carbon core guard structure and 5613 movement (with 24-month battery life) as the GA2100. This ana-digi hybrid features world time, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and five independent alarms. And, like the GA2100, water resistance is rated at 20 bar (approximately 200 meters).

The GMAS2100-4A is available now online and in boutiques. And though it is not a limited edition, these timepieces are limited production and will sell out fast. In fact, it is restricted to one watch per household. And that is just one more reason that, as I type, one hand is currently hovering over the “Buy Now” button. And given that it is priced at $99, I think I’m going to stop writing now and stop hovering.

For more information, visit G-SHOCK’s website.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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