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Baselworld 2013: HYT expands its range - H1 declined & arrival of the H2

Worn out with disruptive speeches and approaches, Vincent Perriard signed in 2012 his return on the scene of the talking pieces with a brand which fathoms the ultimate challenge of watchmakers: to enter the world of fluids in a watch caliber, where every drop of any liquid is supposedly erradicated. Something not seen since the clepsydra, 3,400 years earlier!

By Joel Grandjean

After an investment round allowing him to embark Ernst Thomke - former companion of now deceased Hayek Sr - in his board, followed by a world tour of pre-orders with selected distributors, he persists.


In 2013 HYT gives birth to variations mixing skins colours and vivid shades of the famous fluid, which, by a clever pressure system, serves as a time indicator. Technical prowess, the sealed glass tube accounts for time via the fluid’s progression. The HYT H1 Azo Project whose 48.8mm Polyepox yellow box meets the retrograde fluidic hours.

HYT H1 Azo Project

HYT H1 Azo Project

Then comes the H1 TB, initials of mixed titanium and bronze, which compose its micro blasted and satin finish.



The bronze is in the air, it heats the yellow fluo fluid while highlighting the interlacing of a home-made mechanical movement, the manual winding HYT, generously endowed with a power reserve of 65 hours. Obviously, the 5N pink gold is also on the menu via the H1 RED2 whose fluid turns bright red.

HYT H1 Red 2

HYT H1 Red 2
As for the H1 Diamond Dome trilogy, it is sometimes declined in a DLC - Diamond Like Carbon - treated titanium case whose rider at 6am features 9 white diamonds trimmed in micro sticks (0.16 cts VVS clarity) and sometimes, as for the model Chrysoberyl Dome where the black sapphires Dome, 9 stones trimmed in micro sticks (0.17 and 0.18 ct.).And since any adventure awaits the conversion of the try, the perriardienne pack of the hydro-mechanical watchmakers reserves us in BaselWorld 2013 the lifting of the veil on the H2, a hybrid seeking completion. We'll talk about later, especially as the watchmaker Gulio Papi and his team got involved...

HYT H1 Diamond Dome

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The H2 - Official HYT Teaser Trailer BASELWORLD 2013