Grégory Maillot’s shared moments

Grégory Maillot’s shared moments

Born in Lyon, Grégory Maillot has been living in his beloved Geneva for ten years. The city's cultural diversity allows him to feel like a citizen of the world.

After completing his law studies in Lyon, his passion for observing and sharing led him to take up photography. As his life unfolded, he instinctively cast his glances here and there. Initially a passive observer, he gradually became more active and his goal became the point of departure of a dialogue. His simple and generous attitude towards others became gradually more defined. It is a key asset in institutional or private reporting.

Janvier à Pleine Dent A pleine dent

For Maillot, a photographer who shares everything, establishing a relationship of trust is fundamental. He is young and fascinated by nightlife, its contrasts and the light and dark of human encounters. He used to wander the streets for hours and observe, meet people and take photos.

Février à main nueFévrier à main nue

This allowed him to discover the sheer amplitude of human nature.

His work cannot be confined to a specific category as he gives importance to every subject. He doesn’t choose the subjects of his photos, he says they come to him. He believes that images are reflections of his and other people’s lives, be it cultural reporting, intimate portraits, technical shooting of rare objects, superb food or shootings in unusual places.

Mars MicrocosmosMars Microcosmos

For Maillot, you should not steal moments, but share them. A moment frozen in time is not an end in itself as it creates a connection with others. His latest photographs testify to this, as you can see from this selection. The photos were taken at an exhibition dedicated to his work at the Montblanc boutique in Geneva in December 2013. The artist was among the 150 guests invited to the opening of the event, which was moderated by the boutique's director Gaël Grogolin.

Avril ArachnorythmieAvril Arachnorythmie

Mai Sous la loupeMai Sous la loupe

Juin A la recherche du tempsJuin A la recherche du temps

Juillet RotationJuillet Rotation

L'Homo CronosL'Homo Cronos