Louis Moinet - watches & reviews

Throughout his life, Louis Moinet pursued the art of genius without consideration for his legacy. He was a man possessed by his craft. As it happened, his humility almost denied him the plaudits he deserved for his enormous contributions to the history of horology.

The inventor of both the world’s first chronograph and the first high-frequency watch, Moinet would not receive widespread acclaim for either for more than one Thunder years after his death. In 2004, Jean-Marie Schaller took it upon himself to bring the great man’s achievements to light and celebrate them in the way such milestones should be celebrated.

Ever since, Les Ateliers Louis Moinet in St-Blaise has worked tirelessly to protect and promote the legacy of Louis Moinet (1768–1853), harnessing the same creative spirit that propelled Moinet himself to greatness. Under the watchful eye of Schaller, Les Ateliers Louis Moinet produces exclusively mechanical timepieces that fall into one of two categories, either “Cosmic Art” or “Mechanical Wonders”.

Every Louis Moinet timepiece is produced as either a one-of-a-kind pièce unique or as part of a strictly limited series. Continuing the inventive and eccentric legacy of the man behind the name, Louis Moinet's creations often make use of unusual and rare components, such as extraterrestrial meteorites or prehistorical materials.

The brand’s core values are creativity, exclusivity, and art and design. This unique creative approach within the world of mechanical horology has enabled Louis Moinet to win over 50 of the world’s most prestigious awards, including a UNESCO Award of Merit, six Red Dot Design Awards, eighteen Good Design Awards, gold and bronze medals in the International Chronometry Competition, and many more.

Jean-Marie Schaller also personally received two illustrious distinctions: he was awarded the high-ranking title of “Darjah Seri Sirajuddin Perlis” corresponding to a knighthood, and was also honoured with the Prize for Horological Creativity Contribution Award for his “overall contribution to watchmaking”.