Khalil Ghorbani
Special Contributor

Khalil Ghorbani has been a fan of watches ever since he was young boy. He used to collect advertisements of his favorite watches. The Casio Digital Calculator was the first watch he saved his allowance to purchase. As he got older he found his way into the luxury watch market which peaked his interest to a new level. After his first luxury watch purchase of a Panerai, Khalil decided to start a website about all things Panerai. This is where Panerai Central as born and quickly grew into one of the top contributors of Panerai information and social media content.

Although Khalil runs Panerai Central, his love for Swiss watches is not limited to just the Panerai brand, he has a deep passion for all types of watches from large brands to independents. Watchonista is delighted to collaborate with Khalil on what should be some very special content.