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«I inherited a collection of watches from a father that I never got the chance to know well. He was a photographer, a watch collector and a passionate man. He recorded his watch collection in a journal, keeping track of every watch that passed through his hands, with the history of each watch, price paid, from whom and what he traded for it in the case of a barter. Being immersed in his journal and his collection for the past fteen years began my own passion story. My father’s legacy led me to other collectors, and has been the backdrop for building our watch-making vision here at BALTIC. Naming our company BALTIC is the perfect homage to my father’s passion, and the ultimate way to express my inspirations through our creations. This name is a tribute to my father’s origins in north Poland along the Baltic Sea; his story will endure through our watches. We aim to create timeless watches inspired from the vintage pieces in my father’s collection—to be worn and kept for generations.»