Your Saturdays Just Got Better! Unwind with the Lounge by Watchonista Weekends!

Your Saturdays Just Got Better! Unwind With The Lounge By Watchonista Weekends!

Each and every Saturday on Watchonista’s dedicated lifestyle section The Lounge, we’ll be publishing fresh, engaging, read-it-over-coffee, watch-adjacent content for your delectation. Starting this Saturday, September 23rd!

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

Those readers familiar with Watchonista and our print publication have perhaps already encountered our special The Lounge by Watchonista sub-platform.

This is where we take a step back from the daily developments in the timepiece industry to explore topics that are certainly watch-adjacent, but also of interest to the watch-devoted – topics that appeal to curious minds, and the collector’s mind, overall: Art and design, spirits and cocktail culture, travel, photography, cigars, fashion, cuisine, autos and motorsports, upscale recreational activities, decor, and much more.

Here at Watchonista, we contend that, just as one cannot live on bread alone, you can’t satisfy your collecting and lifestyle curiosity solely with watches. We all have passions and interests that go well beyond the telling of time. Think of The Lounge by Watchonista as an intersection where your obsession with time meets your obsession with having a good time.

As such, starting this Saturday, September 23rd, and continuing every Saturday henceforth, we’ll be premiering exclusive content in the Watchonista Lounge section, content intended for an interesting Saturday – read, maybe, over a nice cup of coffee.

Expect some very special things from this new recurring weekly program: Exclusive video content, deeper multimedia “think” pieces, easy-to-read analysis, guides for lifestyle topics outside of watchmaking, as well as broad interest content on the topics listed above.

Unwind with The Lounge by Watchonista every Saturday. And it is no accident that “unwind” is just the perfect word to describe the experience. We look forward to sharing it all with you!

And receive each week a custom selection of articles.

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