The Story Behind the Lonsdale for CronotempVs Collectors x The Lounge by Watchon

Video: The Story Behind the Lonsdale for CronotempVs Collectors x The Lounge by Watchonista

Partnerships between cigar companies and watch brands aren’t exactly rare, but collaborations between watch brands and cigar-smoking watch enthusiasts? Much less so. Allow us to walk you through the creative process behind the Lonsdale with a dedicated video.

By Watchonista

First announced in November 2022, the Lonsdale was co-created by watch-collecting cigar aficionados CronotempVs Collectors and The Lounge by Watchonista, with help from Cuervo y Sobrinos, the only Swiss watchmaker with Cuban heritage.

Moreover, these cigar-inspired, retro-styled limited-edition watches are delivered in a versatile, accessory-packed presentation case decorated with an eye-catching smoke swirl motif conceived by celebrated watch designer Eric Giroud as part of his design side project, Somewhere.

Inside the presentation case, you will find a tray housing not only the Lonsdale but also three accessories perfect for cigar lovers: a black cigar rest, a black and gilded cigar tube, and a NATO watch strap resembling the silk ribbon used to bundle a wheel of quality cigars.

What’s more, this internal tray can be removed so that the handsomely designed presentation case be used as a portable vide-poche (or travel case) and repurposed for storing, protecting, and transporting watch and cigar accessories, collectibles, or other personal effects.

The Story Behind the Lonsdale

(Photography by Pierre Vogel. Video by Johan Corminboeuf)

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