Watchonista: Volume 03 Launch

Watchonista: Volume 03 is Now Available at US Omega Boutiques!

Today, we are proud to announce that Watchonista’s latest “love letter” to all things watches, Watchonista: Volume 03, is now available in US Omega stores and continues our magazine’s tradition of being a print publication of unmatched quality, scope, and presentation. Discover how you can get your hands on a copy and take a few moments to unplug yourself from the digital storm.

By Watchonista

The genesis of our first print volume came from a desire to cast some permanence and gravitas on the very best of our most impactful digital reporting and content. Why not highlight the “stories with legs” that might get lost in the shuffle, we thought?

Thus, with Watchonista: Volume 01, we gave life to a vision, but the road was not easy. Then, in Watchonista: Volume 02, we incorporated the lessons we learned from our inaugural issue and adapted, rethinking the way to best work as a transatlantic team.

But our original vision has expanded over the issues, and now, Watchonista: Volume 03 presents something of a completion of a trilogy, to paraphrase Watchonista Chairman & Executive Publisher Marco Gabella. Not only is it jam-packed with possibilities, but it is imbued with excitement and anticipation for what is yet to come.

“As you will soon discover, Watchonista: Volume 03 is more mature. And just like a third-season grape from a vineyard, our terroir is becoming preeminent. We work as one team from Switzerland and the U.S. to improve our final product for consumption without effects, additives, or extraneous third-party material.”
– Marco Gabella

Still the Watch Magazine You Can’t Buy

Continuing a trend from our second issue, Watchonista: Volume 03 sports even more print-only original content. However, instead of only creating entire print-only editorial spreads, we’ve interwoven new content created exclusively for Volume 03 that complements and elevates articles already published on Watchonista’s website.

Sadly, we can’t give you any sneak peeks at this content as it consists mainly of new photography. However, fortunately for you, we’ve already teased a few print-only editorials from Volume 03 and will continue to tease out exclusive content in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned!

Of course, as with our previous two volumes, Watchonista: Volume 03 is not for sale. Instead, merely walk into any participating watch retailer or partner distribution outlet and ask for one; it will be given to you free of charge.

Why? Well, you’ve probably already guessed it, but we aim to raise awareness of your local retailers. Plus, the very act of holding up and reading a print magazine engenders engagement, so we want our magazine to be an opportunity to get you out of your day-to-day routine and interact with people who share and understand your passion for timepieces.

Handheld Luxury Dedicated to Wrist-Worn Luxury

Much of the joy of watch ownership rests in tactile physicality, like adjusting the crown in the morning, the reassuring snap-and-secure of the clasp or buckle, or the familiar heft resting on your wrist every time, to name a few. That is why Watchonista has taken pains to create a physical product to read on par with the physical product you wear in terms of sensual delight.

As a result, the cover of Watchonista: Volume 03, which features a subtle ode to the incredible Omega Speedmaster ‘57, incorporates the latest technology the print industry has at its disposal to offer a magazine that feels different, substantial, and luxurious. Thick cover stock meets applied embossment layers and special coating treatments that actually requires extra time to properly cure and transmit the subtle imagery and saturated color to the eye.

“Three issues in, and Watchonista Magazine is already developing a signature cover look, not unlike Interview and I-D in their heydays.”
– Rhonda Riche, Watchonista Editor-at-Large

Enter The Lounge

While we certainly expect watch fans to thoroughly enjoy Watchonista’s signature watch industry reportage and unmatched in-house photography throughout the run of Watchonista: Volume 03, our “The Lounge by Watchonista” section is special.

Already a thriving sub-platform on, the print expression of The Lounge spotlights the humanity of the watch world. After all, watch collectors are people. And people tend to have multiple passions and interests – many of which overlap with their love of timepieces.

Some are obvious, like performance automobiles, haute cuisine, and motorsports. Some, not so much (i.e., fine writing instruments, cinema, and socializing). However, inside the pages of The Lounge, disparate collector worlds collide, and quite beautifully, in fact.

So, expect to see even more and more of this inter-connective editorial in every issue of Watchonista Magazine.

Happy Reading!

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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