Watchonista: Volume 04 Launch Date Announcement & Party Invite

Coming Soon: Watchonista Volume 04 and a Very Special Launch Event!

Relax. We will, of course, be distributing our latest print edition through our exclusive network of global watch retail partners, as per usual. But if you can make it to the Big Apple on July 12th, we have something special in store for you.

By Watchonista

When the first volume of our print publication came out in 2021, it was born out of a desire to cast some permanence on the very best of our ongoing watch industry reporting.

In the ensuing years and issues, we honed our work, drawing from our staff’s expertise on both sides of the Atlantic, exploring the cutting-edge possibilities of print publishing, and incorporating ever-increasing amounts of specialized and unique-to-print content to share with watch enthusiasts.

Then, as we began working on Volume 04, our Chairman & Executive Publisher Marco Gabella threw down this gauntlet:

“How can we improve our quality standards while we also continue to define and refine our signature identity and style as a publication?”

It was a challenge, to be sure, but we think Watchonista: Volume 04 is the answer to that question.

What to Expect from Watchonista: Volume 04

Among Volume 04’s 126 pages you will see both our continued commitment to publishing articles and photography created entirely in-house (or, the case of the latter, as much as humanly possible) and even more specialized content created specifically (and only) for the print publication.

Plus, Volume 04 includes more fun and intersectional stories that go beyond the usual presentation of novelties and the like. And because we’re exceptionally nice people, here are some hints: Do you like cardboard watches or innovative typography that goes out of its way to be consumer friendly? How about an epic tale worthy of Homer that chronicles a five-month journey to find a sold-out watch or a thought experiment that required us to add our first-ever legal disclaimer before we published it?

If you were intrigued by any of these hints, then suffice it to say, expect more of the delightfully unexpected in Volume 04 along with the most compelling watch news and developments of the day.

Stay Tuned

As the weeks roll out, we will share more details on the issue, including where you’ll be able to get it and previews of some of the outstanding print-only content you will find once you get your mitts around our exquisitely produced tome. But, for now, let us tempt you with a special launch event you’ll want to add to your calendar.

Right now, the only tidbit we can share with you is this:

If you will be in and around New York City on July 12th, then we highly recommend that you save/mark/star/what-have-you that date in whatever form you keep your diary.

Why? Because that is the day of the official launch and unveiling of Volume 04, and it will not only take place at one of Gotham’s chicest timepiece boutiques, but we will also have one of the watch world’s most erudite and entertaining collector-experts on hand to help with our celebration.

To request an invitation, email

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

And receive each week a custom selection of articles.

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