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Lytt labs and its ingenious Inception

In family celebrations or friends’ catch-ups, there is always a party crasher who sneaks in from out of nowhere. In the same way, this watch is wrapped around my wrist without warning.

By Joel Grandjean

I do not know how or when this timepiece ended up on my arm. It must have been some time after a work session at Watchonista in Pully when the implementation of the newly endorsed decisions fully occupies my mind, thus leaving no space in my mind to worry about anything else. Why, as we all know, men cannot do two things at the same time! Whoever lumbered me with it, must have taken advantage of this. What is this “time teller” doing comfortably sitting on my wrist in such crucial moments? After looking at it from every angle, I finally get it to reveal its name, which is engraved on its back – brand: Lytt Labs; model: Inception

Lytt Labs Inception Code blue

Reading time: operating instructions

I must admit the surprise guest did rather well. I could even go as far as to say she was excellent. Firstly, because of its not-at-all unpleasant aesthetics – its UFO-like outline in the shape of a rectangular saucer with a domed rim. Inside, the softened corners of its middle, which evoke those of a screen, highlight the symmetrical roundness of the double red circle. Two static arrows with one pointing towards the hours and the other to the minutes, cut the regular drawing of its curved lines. Hours and minutes are materialized by numbers placed around the periphery of two moving disks. A third red tip, which turns around its own axis as hands usually do, clicks to the rhythm of seconds.

Lytt Labs Inception Code red

In fact, nothing in this piece is simple at first sight. Indeed, it follows the trend that claims time reading does not necessarily need to be conventional. In other words, it belongs to the sort of watches that require a manual if we insist on entrusting it with our timekeeping. A party crasher on New Year's Eve might want to create some diversion, or even concentrate all their efforts to drawing attention to themselves. Yet, once the ice broken, this watch – which features anti-reflective sapphire glass – allows itself to be won over more easily than it would initially appear.

Lytt Labs Inception Code red

You get used to it to the point that you may find yourself thinking that its unusual time display is, all things considered, quite logical after all. It certainly has a way with people, for it makes them talk about it, thus prompting contact. It is inevitable: you only need to take it off your wrist for a moment and it goes from hand to hand, arousing curiosities, theories and, eventually, conversations. Everyone pretends to have figured it out. Yet, this can turn into a rather hilarious situation if it you had, say, secretly set the time of a different time zone to the one you’re in and the lack of reference has made everyone “work out” a logical explanation that is completely wrong.

Lytt Labs Inception Code red caseback

A surprisingly seductive guest

Lytt Labs seems to be professing a maxim in the spirit of Seven Friday, as such more pseudo trending than buzz generating. Something along the lines of “to arrive on the sly but with the firm intention of growing gold pushers". It draws on the lab card and enjoys light games in relation to time. Featuring a SEIKO NH35 caliber, with a power reserve of 41 hours – an excellent mechanics served in the sauce of irreproachable chronometry – this surprise guest of 45mm by 45mm is ready to take over whenever needed. And it certainly has gone the extra mile to convince with its colors and finish.

Lytt Labs Inception Code red & blue

My very own Inception found its strength in its red tone and its “gun” finish made it the more desirable. It seems that it is, like its sisters in blue, yellow and black PVD, the first steps of a fine team in watchmaking. Amongst the team members, there is one based somewhere in Paris; a good old Swiss (noblesse oblige?) and finally a Singaporean enthusiast. Disruptive people, if you please, brimming with new ideas, which include but are not limited to, new material combinations, rebellious prices under CHF 1,000 and of course quality and design.

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