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Hands-On: The Casio G-Shock ‘Full Metal’ 5000

This drool worthy G-Shock is packed full of technology and may just be the most fun you can have for $500.

By Josh Shanks

Officially released prior to Baselworld 2018, this all-metal update to the iconic G-Shock 5000 collection has set social media ablaze. We had the opportunity to get quality time with the pieces during the fair and I’m happy to report they didn’t disappoint.

This vintage yet modern piece takes inspiration from Kikuo Ibe’s original 1983 DW5000 design. Since then, G-Shock watches have set the standard for shock resistant and outrageously waterproof workhorses. While the vast majority of models have been made from Polyurethane, we have seen a wide variety of other materials utilized, which our Rhonda Riche covered here.

“Heavy Metal PollyAlloy”

I’ll admit, the first thing I thought about when seeing this watch in the ‘metal’ was Terminator. That iconic scene where the T-1000 (after being masterfully destroyed by Arnold Schwarzenegger) reassembles via his mimetic PollyAlloy. This classic scene (actually not CG and filmed with mercury) has left a lasting imprint on this film goer for decades.

That same sensation of futurist-technology is felt when handling the ‘Full Metal’ 5000 collection. This remarkably heavy 43.2mm timepiece has a commanding wrist presence yet can still fit comfortably under a cuff. The polished and brushed surfaces lend a build quality that honestly can’t be matched at this price point. It’s also water resistant to 200M making it the perfect weekend watch.

Nearly all components on this piece are made of stainless steel (case, bezel, and bracelet). With the obvious exception of the internal tech including; logic board, conductors, LCD screen, and other various chips and widgets.

The ‘Full Metal’ 5000 series comes in two color options. The GMWB5000D-1 in silver and a limited edition GMW5000TFG-9 in gold.

Did we mention it’s smart?

Like most modern G-Shock models, the 5000 ‘Full Metal’ is technically “Smart”. Which in most cases mean the watches are fitted with Bluetooth modules which allows connectivity to an iPhone or Samsung app which grants access for the user to pair time, adjust time zone to 300+ cities, record longitude/latitude, and set reminders and calendar appointments. While not as advanced as an Apple Watch, this basic connectivity is still quite useful and doesn’t add the traditional bulk typically seen in hyper connected watches.

An outstandingly bright illuminous LED presents the chosen time. Surrounding the time display is a brick patterned overlay which actually hides mini solar panels which assist in the charging of the watch. You’re also getting a 1/100th second stopwatch, and full calendar (it’s technically a perpetual calendar).

Yea, it’s that cool. Did we mention you get all of this for just $500? At this price point, it’s a no-brainer that the ‘Full Metal’ will be a massive hit for Casio. 

The new models will retail for $500 (GMWB5000D-1 in silver) and $600 (GMW5000TFG-9 in gold). They’ll be available starting May 2018 in select Casio retailers, Macy’, and G-SHOCK’s SoHo Store.

(Photography by Liam O’Donnell)

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