Glam-On With The Bulgari Serpenti Spiga

Glam-On With The Bulgari Serpenti Spiga

The Roman Jeweler of Time makes women shine once more.

By Viviana Shanks

Bulgari is a master at making women feel irresistible and confident, from exquisite jewelry to fashionable bags. And as we all know, the Serpenti has been adorning women’s wrists since the ’60s and is still a must-have jewelry timepiece in 2021.

Watchonista recently got its hands on two of the newly launched Bulgari Serpenti Spiga, reference 103250 (one turn around the wrist) and reference 103252 (two turns around the wrist). And, granted, we are not about to strut down a red carpet or have a cameo on the Glam Cam, but we all need a bit of glamour in our lives. The Bulgari Serpenti is THE jewelry watch of reference. On the wrist, the Bulgari Serpenti collections make us feel as powerful as Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (1963) but with a touch of sparkle.

Sensual Embrace 

Earlier this year at LVMH Watch Week, Bulgari re-invented the Serpenti collection by coupling it with Bulgari Spiga designs from 2014. The elaborate rose gold and diamond matelassé arrangement looks as if the serpent is shedding its scales. Taking inspiration from a heritage piece dating from 1957, Bulgari proves once again that it can constantly and creatively re-invent itself and its most enduring timepiece.

On the wrist, the Bulgari Serpenti Spiga 103252 looks exquisite. Its body – with refined and contemporary matelassé pattern – wrapped perfectly and sensually around my wrist twice while also complementing and contrasting my look. Its black lacquered dial is adorned with matching rose gold Roman numerals that are striking and fashion-forward. The rose gold body is partially set 461 brilliant-cut diamonds to present the illusion of scales, giving it just the right amount of glam without overdoing it and becoming gaudy. This jewelry-timepiece is the perfect conversation starter and will turn heads wherever you go.

Are you looking for something smaller? The Bulgari Serpenti Spiga 103250 with a white mother-of-pearl dial is tempting as it wraps only once around the wrist but still remains iconic. The Serpenti Spiga 103250 follows the same design codes as the 103252, but to achieve its illusion of scales requires only 281 brilliant-cut diamonds. The smaller body-bracelet length calls for a more relaxed look.

A high-precision quartz movement modified by Bulgari powers both watches.

What Makes the Serpenti Spiga So Appealing 

Ever since its founding, Bulgari has been known for its distinct aesthetics. From the Octo to the Serpenti, you can recognize Bulgari’s Italian touch at a mere glance. The Serpenti has been one of the most enduring designs of the Roman Jeweler.

The serpent is a powerful message. It represents everything from power, rebirth, elegance, and sensuality. And the Serpenti Spiga is a true fashion statement that shows the world that, yes, you have exquisite taste.

Available now, you can get the new Bulgari Serpenti Spiga collection at your local Bulgari boutique or retailer. The single row 103250 is priced at $46,500, and the double row 103252 is priced at $67,000. Learn more at Bulgari's website.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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