Hands-On with Grand Seiko’s New Kabuki Kimono Dials
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COUTUREtime Exclusive: Hands-On with Grand Seiko’s New Kabuki Kimono Dials

In a completely unexpected move, Grand Seiko has a released a dial update to their ever-popular 44G line. While it’s close to the Grand Seiko snowflake, it completely different in so many ways.

By Josh Shanks
Managing Editor US

The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 has completely taken the world by storm. Since its launch collectors have been purchasing these new dial variants in a frenzy. The structured dial that some have taken to calling the “Harry Potter dial” has changed the codes of Grand Seiko.

Enter the Kimono

At the first day of COUTUREtime, Grand Seiko unveiled a new reference 44G, with a stunningly deep dial which the brand has taken to calling the ‘Kabuki Kimono’ dial. Perfectly fit in the Japanese tradition, the Grand Seiko 44G Kabuki Kimono dial gives homage to the Japanese savoir-faire and marks an evolution of the ever-popular “snowflake” dial. This structured dial reminds us of fresh icy snow that is glistening off the bright blue sky of a winters morning.

Available in platinum, yellow gold, and stainless steel with picturesque blue dial, all pieces are exclusive to the US market. Made in two different 40mm versions: one with the 9R 65 movement in Stainless Steel and one with the 9R15 movement with a 18k gold medallion on the rotor (platinum and yellow gold). All pieces are finished with the iconic Grand Seiko zaratzu polishing

These pieces were undoubtedly a highlight of COUTUREtime and are sure to be a hit once they hit stores this fall. Pricing and further specifications are still pending, but we felt it best to share one of our favorite pieces thus far of COUTUREtime.

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