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Post SIHH 2015 with Sharmila Bertin

In the wake of the January 2015’s watch exhibitions – the SIHH and several others outside Palexpo-Geneva – The Watches Magazine deputy editor in chief and specialized journalist talks to us.

By Joel Grandjean

In 2011, she became an essential figure in the watchmaking press. As a trained translator and interpreter specialized in marketing, Sharmila Bertin works today as a specialized journalist. She has always been attracted to luxury communication. She embraced watchmaking ten years ago, after working in advertisement and fashion in Paris amongst others. “I am in my element here”, she admitted.

What was your most unfortunate late arrival? We promise we won’t tell!

There wasn’t one. I hate being late and I cannot show much tolerance towards unpunctual people. Thus, when I attend this type of event where we have to go from one appointment to another, I arrive 30 to 45 minutes before my first presentation to take the time to have a coffee and get into work mode. That prevents me form getting into the “run-like-crazy-to-be-on-time-get-really-stressed-out” mode.

I have never understood people who arrive some 20 minutes late, gasping for breath without even bothering to apologize. Honestly, that drives me crazy.

Your most memorable appointment?

I was lucky to spend some time with Christian Selmoni from Vacheron Constantin. I really admire him for his creativity, for the sweetness and the passion with which he speaks of his work and for his astonishing presence.

Your best selfie?

In fact, it was not really a selfie of myself but of my green spangle Uggs. These shoes have a life of their own.

Sharmila Bertin's selfie Sharmila Bertin's selfie

Your best encounter?

I did not meet anyone new this year but the SIHH is the occasion to meet people I appreciate, be they colleagues, ex-colleagues, employees of watchmaking brands or retailers.

Your most pleasant surprise?

I ended up taking a picture with Ronan Keating (which has nothing to do with watchmaking). I know it may sound dull but the way it happened was very funny.

Something that struck you about the organization?

I found this 2015 edition very well organized and more exclusive. There were less people in each presentation and the appointments were scheduled over four days instead of the usual three. It is much more comfortable and pleasant to work in these conditions.

Your shortest night?

All my nights were long because I didn’t go out at all, except for dinner on Wednesday night. I am too old to party at night, I am not interested in that and my work is my priority. And to be able to excel at my work, I need to be serene and well-rested.

Your longest day?

None in particular. They were all full but not “long”.

SIHH 2015 SIHH 2015

Your favorite watch?

I do not like answering this type of question because I may hurt somebody’s feelings. Let’s just say that those who read my articles and know me well will have no problem in guessing the watch I preferred.

The contact you most look forward to following up on and to getting to know better?

This week I realized that I very rarely meet my industry friends and that I really need to make time for them. This applies especially to my friend Eléonor Picciotto. She just created a jewelry website and I need to support her more.

The sentence or words that got to you?

The same old: “Did you see anything beautiful at the SIHH?”

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