Eight Of The Coolest Watches We Saw At Dubai Watch Week 2019
Dubai Watch Week

Eight Of The Coolest Watches We Saw At Dubai Watch Week 2019

Dubai Watch Week provided the perfect launching platform for a slew of new novelties.

By Josh Shanks

At last week's Dubai Watch Week, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons and the show’s exhibiting brands launched multiple all-new timepieces to celebrate the biennial horological showcase. At the beginning of the show, we saw Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Chief Commercial Officer of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons walking around with a watch box. The entire case was shrouded in mystery. Its contents? Special Limited Edition watches set for release at Dubai Watch Week.

Earlier in the week, we interviewed Dubai Watch Week's Director-General Hind Seddiqi (read HERE). From that conversation, it’s quite clear that the show is expanding to new audiences and a new generation of collectors. What better way to attract a crowd than exclusive timepieces unavailable anywhere else in the world. Today, we’re looking at eight of the coolest watches we saw at Dubai Watch Week.

Hublot Classic Fusion Special Edition Bronze Anticlockwise

This 100 piece limited edition is no ordinary limited edition. The entire concept turns time on its head — a watch that actually tells the time in an anticlockwise fashion. Via 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 o’clock Indian numeral indexes placed backward on the dial. A unique anticlockwise movement allows the hands to turn in a counter-clockwise fashion.

“We are honored to introduce with Hublot today at Dubai Watch Week this unique timepiece that will definitely catch the attention of those who want to spend time on their own terms. This is a keepsake that will travel from generation to generation, allowing collectors to connect with time in an unconventional way.” -Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi (Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons Chief Commercial Officer)

This 45mm timepiece is encased in a special aged bronze coated with a special resin, which protects the case from aging further. A brushed gray dial features micro-blasted gold plated indices and matching micro-blasted hands. “As modern-day alchemists, we always strive to find original ways of connecting the past to the future. For that, we looked into turning back time with our completely new anticlockwise movement, which we housed in a case made from bronze, one of the first-ever alloys to be used by man. We are excited to launch this exclusive watch with our partners Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, who share our passion for innovation and our different approach to time.” -David Tedeschi (Regional Director for Hublot Latin America & Caribbean and Middle East & Africa)

Hublot Classic Fusion Special Edition Bronze Anticlockwise is limited to 100 pieces and priced at 55,000 AED (approx. $14,973 USD). The timepiece is only available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons boutiques.

Bulgari’s Middle East Editions

Before Dubai Watch Week, Bulgari introduced exclusive limited-edition timepieces for the Middle Eastern market. All pieces are in the ever-popular Octo family. Starting with a standard steel 41mm Octo with green sunray lacquered dial (30,000 AED or $8,167 USD).

The real winner of Dubai Watch Week would have to be the Octo Finissimo Automatic Middle East Edition. This extra thin titanium timepiece is just 2.23mm thick and has quickly become a trademark design for Bulgari.

The Octo Finissimo Middle East Edition takes the Octo crazy to the next level by adding dark green Arabic indices. After experiencing this piece in the metal, it could easily be regarded as my favorite watch of Dubai Watch Week. Priced at 60,000 AED (or $16,334 USD).

Another notable Octo on display at Dubai Watch Week was the Octo Finissimo Skeleton. This DLC-coated titanium piece features dark green accents that perfectly suits discerning Middle East clientele. Priced at 90,000 AED (approx., $24,501 USD).

Ressence Type 1DXB

At Dubai Watch Week, Ressence and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons announced the Type 1 DXB. A 19-piece limited edition variant of the Type 1Squared collection. Ressence has become known for its orbital approach to timekeeping, and the new Type 1DXB incorporates ancient Arabic geometric patterns to take this concept to the next level.

"This collaboration with Ressence is the first and hopefully not the last; for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons to partner with Ressence sets a benchmark in terms of what can be achieved through collaboration and shows the support we give to the watch industry. The design concept was worked on closely with Benoit to achieve a masterpiece, and we are very proud of it." -Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi (Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons Chief Commercial Officer)

With a light orange German silver skeleton dial with three rotating satellites, the Type 1DXB is a watch that needs to be experienced to be believed — priced at 22,500 CHF and only available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.

Singer Reimagined Track 1 – Emirates Edition

In just a few short years, Singer Reimagined’s Track 1 chronograph has captivated lovers of cars and fine watchmaking. The new Track 1 - Emirates Edition presented at Dubai Watch Week is no exception. With an olive drab color wave on the strap and dial, this piece is sure to appeal to local collectors and global fans of the brand seeking something unique.

The Track 1 – Emirates Edition is also super light thanks to its 43mm aluminum case. The case itself is plasma oxidized, which gives it the surface properties of ceramic. Definitely a piece worthy of discovery regardless of where you live. The Singer Reimagined Track 1 – Emirates Edition is priced at 50,000 CHF.

Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force

Our friends at Armin Strom brought something truly special to Dubai Watch Week. The new Gravity Equal Force marks a significant departure for the Biel/Bienne based brand. An ingenious movement designed to transmit equal force to the balance wheel at all times. A mostly-new metal (Stainless Steel) for the brand and a significant reduction in case size (41mm) makes for an attractive offering.

The offset dial at 9 o’clock is available in a variety of colors (Bordeaux, Navy blue, and White, just to name a few). Priced at 16,900 CHF, the Gravity Equal Force also marks the lowest entry price point for the brand.

Considering the level of finishing and watchmaking here, the Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force is worthy of notice from even the most discerning collectors.

Two Watches for H. Moser & Cie

Dubai Watch Week 2019 saw not one – but two Limited Edition Moser timepieces. The new Endeavor Diamond Concept ladies watch and the new Swiss Alp - Dubai Edition.

"Collaboration between Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons and H. Moser has existed since the very first edition of Dubai Watch Week, and we have produced a limited edition every year. This year we are launching two new models, and we are especially thrilled to have worked on the first-ever H. Moser ladies concept watch, released for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, during Dubai Watch Week 2019.” - Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi (Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons Chief Commercial Officer)

The new Swiss Alp – Dubai Edition (10 pieces) has a dark sunburst pattern fumé dial with black DLC case treatment. While the other Endeavor Diamond Concept ladies piece (9 pieces) with taupe fumé dial with an intricate diamond setting on the dial. Pricing was unavailable at press time.

MeisterSinger Circularis Reverse

As the first launch of Dubai Watch Week, MeisterSinger’s new Circularis Reverse was sold out almost before it even arrived at the show floor. Another anticlockwise piece designed exclusively for the Arabic-speaking world. This regulator watch has been redeveloped to run in reverse.

Exclusively available (if you can find one) at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, this 25 piece limited edition required 11 new components to its MSA01 movement to run in an anticlockwise fashion. Plus, the 120 hours of power reserve certainly helps to ensure you'll have plenty of time to teach yourself to tell the time in reverse. Priced at 4,990 EUR.

De Bethune Dream Watch 6

At Dubai Watch Week, De Bethune’s CEO Pierre Jacques presented the Dream Watch 6 table clock. A clock designed in collaboration with Swiss artist Jörg Hysek. Clocks are nothing new to De Bethune as the brand released its first clock movement in 2003, but the Dream Watch 6 takes the concept to another level.

A contemporary cosmos inspired clock, and the Dream Watch 6 is a spacious yet thoughtfully designed work of art. A moon phase with an accuracy of 5.7 seconds in a month, it’s an impressive timepiece indeed.

Manually wound with a mainspring capable of holding eight days of power reserve. This isn't your typical table clock. Priced at 190,000 CHF.

(Photography by Watchonista, Dubai Watch Week, and Cihan ÖZDAMAR)

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